Universe Family Healing Releases Childhood Trauma, Heals The Child Within

I read the stories in the news about violence among young people. I hear them tell how the child was always troubled. I hear all of those things and then I instantly understand what happened. Today, the focus in the mainstream news still remains on the child as the problem. I know better and others do too. We know that the child is not the problem here. It is the family that the child was raised in that is the problem. I know that the parents deny that they are the problem too, but I also know they are.

So, I get very tired of reading about one situation and then another where the child is the problem. No one is looking at the family. They only look at the child. I am here to look at the family and purge those bad people way from our planet. They act so innocent when they tell their story but they are just lying about the truth. I know that those children all suffered from terrible childhood traumas and that is why they are exhibiting violent behavior today. And I also know that Universe Family Healing can purge and heal away their pain. But very few people even know I exist. I do exist.

I wanted to post about childhood trauma today because it is easily treated with my healing modality. I easily heal away childhood trauma layers which are just layers of spiritual energy. Our world will heal and not die because of bad parents. There are so many bad parents around these days. They all need to be purged by our Universe. And one at a time that is going to happen.

My healing service is a very effective way to totally heal from childhood trauma. I easily remove the spiritual layers that are stuck around the child and family. As a result denial is purged and truth is exposed. Once truth is finally available the child heals easily and quickly. A peaceful calm sets in and more and more positive results are observed.

There is no longer any threatening or scary times for the child. The family also heals and if there has been criminal activity, it is dealt with accordingly. Universe Family Healing completely reverses the traumatic events of childhood and lets them go into our Universe. That way the child can move forward and not be stuck in a negative, hostile, and angry world.

I am available as always to help a family heal from any kind of trauma. Contact me at my email address to schedule your Universe Family Healing session: