My Healing Does Not Take A Holiday

So it’s the Independence Day holiday again. My healing does not stop for a holiday. I am never on a holiday these days. My healing is always working every day and every night. My routine is not disrupted by holidays. I continue to do as I alway do everyday. I am so well into my Universe Time now.

There is nothing stopping me. I cannot feel bad at all. I am always finding someone new who needs my healing service. It happens automatically no matter where I go here in Yuma. It feels like I am normally doing what I am meant to do- heal others and connect the spiritual energy barrier around our planet to the Universe.

I am safe and at home here in Yuma. This is the only place where I feel comfortable. I am able to be the real me here in Yuma, AZ. I fit in here and I see quicky when other people don’t fit in. Many people come to Yuma and get stuck. I am not stuck at all and I help other people get unstuck. I stay here and they leave.

Somehow those people find me and I help them connect their spiritual worlds to our Universe. I immediately see changes for them. I know that they are going to be leaving here soon. They return to their homes and families as I did. They help others heal in their hometown. More and more families are healing now. This natural healing phenomenon is repeating and growing stronger everywhere.

Our planet is healing. This has never happened before. So on this Independence Day, I want to say that planet Earth is alive and safe. We are living in Universe Time. This means that our Universe’s magnetic current is actively pulling away the spiritual worlds from humans. This allows only the right things to happen automatically. We do not want spiritual words in charge of our planet Earth. 

Happy Independence Day to everyone on planet Earth. We are all free from spiritual control and the spiritual invasion is officially over! That is my meaning of Independence Day.