My Family is Living In Universe Time

Universe Time continues and does not stop. Universe Time is the exact opposite of spiritual time. Most people are living only on spiritual time. Not my family! Amazing and real, Universe Time allows only the right things to happen. We have no concerns and always do the right thing. We have no worries or fears. We are confident and in total control of our world.

Universe Time means that the Universe is in total control of all the spiritual energy worlds around humans.

The Universe has a very powerful magnetic current that easily pulls spirits away from the human body. I constantly feel the pulling from my hands and feet. I feel this negative energy moving through my body and far away from me. As this scientific phenomenon occurs my family experiences Universe Family Healing.

My family can help many people because we are so totally connected and actively purging spiritual energies nonstop, 24/7.

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Get rid of the spiritual invasion infesting your world!

Julia Angel

Universe Family Healer