Universe Family Healing Keeps Me Away From the Scammers

I had posted earlier that I was once again going to be involved in a federal job-training program for seniors called Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). I decided it was not going the right way this time and left that whole thing behind me. I made a fraud report to the federal government about it. The program was being run the wrong way and there is definite fraud involved. I knew I had to be far away from that group of people.

So I left. But I had to make sure that my paperwork was not there. I called several times over the past few weeks and received no answer. I kept calling because I wanted to make sure my application and identity information was all shredded. I was not sure why there was no one there. I thought maybe they had closed up finally.

Yesterday I tried one more time and got an answer. Amazing that this agency, Project Ayuda in Tucson is still trying to operate as it crumbles to the ground. I had mailed a letter to them specifically telling them I was done with the program and asked them to shred everything. I wanted to make sure that my request had been followed. It took a whole month for this to be happen. Apparently, my application documents were finally shredded on Monday, March 25th.  I was so glad I persisted and called one more time.

There is no way I can be connected to this fraud set up going on. I am the whistleblower one last time and left at the right time. My identity is secure and I am safe. I will not be prosecuted legally for fraud. I understand that they are used to doing things their way even if it is illegal. I tried to tell this person that it is not a real program without a coordinator but she did not really care.

I tried to explain that participants cannot do assessments and goal planning and act like the coordinator. It was more important to keep that paycheck coming her way. She said, “I am not getting in trouble, they will”, acting as if she would be exempt from any legal hassles.

Blind denial is a hard thing to overcome. All I can do is leave and move on and purge out all of the energies that were supporting this sham organization. I just let the authorities deal with them at the right time.

I am moving forward without any fear or uneasy feelings. I am totally free of all that. Thank goodness I never really participated this time. In fact, I never even got officially enrolled. It was such a big mess.

Purging out evil in my homeland is what I do. I am living in my birthplace, Yuma, AZ, USA and making it better every single day.


Trauma Continues to be Out of Control

Trauma is out of control. People who have experienced trauma do not receive the proper help. The medical profession is still in full control of treating trauma. There is nothing really good happening here. I have posted about trauma many times on my blog. I have offered my services too. That was several years ago when I lived in a different place.

I know that Universe Family Healing does effectively remove trauma from the human body. I have experienced this removal process personally as well as my family members. We all experienced major Universe Family Healing many years ago in Marin County. It still continues for us to come extent.

People generally still do not acknowledge my healing. It is not common knowledge anywhere. It is a shame because I am so real. I am frustrated by that to some extent because I read about PTSD all the time. And those clinicians do nothing to remove PTSD but charge a high price for doing their “treatment” programs. I stay away from those mental health people. They are highly negative and cause the trauma problems to get worse. What they do is a SCAM (Spiritually Created About Money) activity. I would gladly offer my services freely and do, but I still remain relatively unknown in this world.

I was never able to really be a Universe Family Healer in the medical world. I have had to do my healing just on my own. People do not understand what I am talking about but I am a very powerful Healer. I know that what I do is real. I can treat PTSD effectively but I know that it involves dangerous periods when rages occur. That is why people who have PTSD should be allowed to have their rage in a safe manner. Getting the rages out is the only way to get the trauma out of the body. Weapons should never be around any human who has history of trauma and PTSD.

I know that medication and therapy do not effectively treat trauma. It just keeps trauma intact. The only way to heal from trauma is to connect the trauma energies to the Universe and let it go. Once those energies are connected On the Universe, the trauma bubble around the human blows apart.

Medical people cannot do that. I do that. There is a cure for trauma. It is not something one needs to commit suicide over. That must stop. Truth telling helps to release the trauma bubble. It starts there and continues until all trauma is gone forever from the human race.

I am here to help however I can. At least I blog the truth about trauma. The truth does help to stop further trauma episodes from occurring. I know that someday, there will be no more trauma on our planet as the Universe will have taken it all away.