Universe Time- It’s Automatic!

I am reminding myself of this again. Universe Time is a very automatic time. It is not a time that you can control. Once the Universe is in your life, the Universe takes control and wipes out the negative world around you. And as this happens, an automatic system takes over. It is totally amazing and real.

As I live through these days, I just have to be patient and wait. That is all I have to do now. I can calculate pretty well what is happening soon. I know it is all good for me and my family. As my youngest son moves away from a toxic living environment on Thursday, September 13, a whole new life opens up for him. A real life. He is about to experience living on the Universe.

The toxic environment he was living in is dissolving quickly and he will feel so much better to be out of there. He is talking about moving out of California now too. California is not a good place to be anymore. California has been a fantasy place for a long time  and now reality hits and it is not much fun there anymore. And, it is not going to get any better in California, USA.

I know that as of September 15, 2018, I will be feeling the benefits of Universe Family Healing. The momentum is already starting up here in Yuma and it never stops. The 10 year release of that spirit entity from so long ago is coming to an end. That entity was trying to make me die. But instead I am ending that entity forever. I am safe and so is my family. We are all going to be reunited as a Universe family very soon.

I am sure this happens now. I see the signs and experience the events that are happening in front of me. It is all happening the Universe way. There is nothing the spirits can do to stop the Universe.  They are powerless as the Universe purges them from me and my family. The spirits that invaded our world are on the Universe and cannot return here to this planet. They have to find another place to set up and that will never happen again I am sure. They are so done.

Universe Time is real and automatic. Once you are on Universe Time and living on the Universe, you always will be safe and so will your family. It happens for all Universe families now wherever we live. It is a natural phenomenon that only I talk about here on my blog. The mainstream news will never be a part of Universe Time because it just gets purged out too. Can you imagine a world without Twitter, Facebook, and Google news? Stay tuned because that is just what happens during Universe Time.