Universe Transitions Happen At the Right Place, Right Time, With The Right People

Our Universe is in full control of spiritual worlds everywhere, especially here in my homeland. Humans living around me are actively purging out their spiritual worlds. I observe the powerful changes daily. I am living in my new location and easily adjusting to this environment. I help others heal away their spiritual sides and see what happens as a result. I fit in here and it is comfortable and safe for me. The place where I was living became totally unsafe and uninhabitable. The city of Yuma is actively shutting that old place down and those nasty negative people who own and run that place are all falling down as a result.

I move through negative worlds and they collapse behind me. I am cleaning up Yuma as it has been so old and negative for a long time. Unfortunately, I was not always here to clean up things. I was taken away from my birth family here in Yuma when I was so very young. I have since returned and Yuma is opening up and welcoming me back. The results are good. I see how this works as our Universe helps me along to my birth family’s home. I feel like I am almost there now. I have no concerns really. I go with the flow, not against it. I know that is why I am here with these good people helping them right now. I know this place is also temporary but as I said before, a necessary stop on my way home.

Here, I can rest and continue purging out the remaining elements of my spiritual world. Here the spiritual setups on me are simply purged. That is all that happens. I have no legal problems at all. I have no problems at all here. My belongings are safe, unlike at that other location. I have the only key to my place here. I have full control. I was at risk at the other location because the manager had keys to my place. He could go into my place when I wasn’t there and destroy or take my belongings elsewhere. I know that is illegal but he would have done it anyway, just for revenge. That threat is eliminated now because I moved away at the right time.

This is a perfect example of how our Universe works when we have a strong Universe connection. Nothing bad ever happens! I am demonstrating this again as I move closer and closer to my birth family and father away from the negative people who were around me most of my life.

I provide Universe Family Healing sessions for anyone anywhere on our planet Earth. A cell phone call healing session is all it takes to establish your powerful Universe connection. Once connected you are not needing any more healing sessions with me. You are connected and just go with the flow! You guide yourself each day. You simply know what you need to do and do it.  Simple and real, it works. Be ready for change as it happens automatically and in the the right direction.

Universe Family healing sessions are $200.00 US payable through a PayPal invoice.

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Universe Transition Time- An Important Concept to Understand

One thing I have never really blogged about is the concept of Universe Transitions. I have lived through many of them over the past several years. But now I can see it as what it really is. A Universe Transition is not something that the spirits setup. In fact, it is just the opposite of a spiritual setup. Most of what we do in this world has a spiritual control somewhere attached to it.

A Universe Transition is what happens when those spiritual attachments are removed. That is why being on the Universe is so important to us in our healing world. As those spiritual attachments are purged, we can easily sit back and relax and not be in any danger. People who are not connected to the Universe will be in danger all the time now.

A Universe Transition effectively pulls one away from a dangerous situation at exactly the right time! Amazing. Universe Transitions can involve a living arrangement or a job situation. It can also involve a personal relationship. All of these things have been contaminated extensively by the spirits without us even knowing it. Now, I automatically understand the changes I go through with Universe Family Healing. I Go With The Flow and it is easy and safe. I never worry about Universe Transitions because I understand the phenomenon.  Again, everyday is new and different and always available to make good things happen.

As time goes on, more and more of us will be involved in Universe Transitions all of the time. It is a safe and reliable way to get to the right place in our healing world.