The Urge to Purge Is Back

As a result of that nasty wave of spirit energy that came through 5 days ago, the world is now in a state of active purging again. I mean, like getting rid of stuff you no longer want or need. All of that stuff (i.e. personal belongings) has energies attached to it.

I have purged personal belongings for many years now but even now I still had something to purge! It was my coffee maker and sun tea jar. I had to get rid of those items recently because I no longer drink coffee or tea items. I cannot consume caffeine anymore as it is not a healthy lifestyle choice for me. I stopped eating chocolate too. It is not hard if you just let it happen at the right time. You don’t think about it at all because those nasty energies are gone from your world. Unhealthy habits simply fade out when you are on Universe Time and actively purging your spirit layers On the Universe.

So I hope that those of you who read my blog and have been following me a little are into your purging time. It is a very fun part of Universe Time because it feels so good! As we all go with the flow, more and more of us will be living solely on Universe Time. We will all be living, not dying. It is how our world was supposed to be.