Universe Family Healing Removed the Spiritual World’s Stage

Our world is no longer a setup spiritual stage. At one time a very large amount of spiritual energy full of spirit entities from other worlds was controlling our way of life here on planet Earth. This is not the way of our planet now. There is no longer a stage for the spirits to play on. The stage is broken and purging into our Universe.

The people who played on the stage are leaving that whole setup. There is no stage without players, and the players are not able to do that activity anymore. Something always gets in their way, so the spiritual stage crumbles and disintegrates.

We are moving forward from the dark ages and having to adjust to real living. Our spiritual worlds are purging rapidly and we can see reality very well. We see and understand what happened to us as we were all controlled by our spiritual worlds. We know that spiritual time is in the past now and just a memory that fades away.

We have control of our real world here on planet Earth. The spirits are done. We are living in Universe Time which means that our Universe and its powerful magnetic current is rapidly pulling away the spiritual worlds around humans and merging those energies within itself.

Spirits are not human at all. Spirits are an alien life form and are much more like a magnetic field composed of magnetite and other minerals. Spirits have no physical bodies but used our human bodies as their own. Spirits tried to control the human race but lost. They are merged into our Universe and taken far away from planet Earth.

The spiritual parts of our planet are all under the Universe’s control now and this will never reverse. There is no way the spirits can return here and set up another spiritual stage. We are essentially free from that negative and dangerous past when spiritual worlds ruled our planet.

There will be less and less activity from the entertainment industry meaning less TV, less movies, etc. Those times were a result of a very spiritual world of fantasy and make believe. We will see less sitcoms and more real life families. Even reality TV will go away. It was all built upon a stage of spiritual energy and that stage is disappearing very quickly now.

Our planet is growing up the right way. We will not eat our animals anymore and allow them to live freely with other animals. We will make sure that animals on planet Earth do not become extinct. We will use safer ways of transportation and less plastic consumption. We will grow our food safely without chemicals. We will use solar energy more and more. We will play less games. We will live a real life.

Planet Earth is a living planet. We once had a spiritual stage where men and women were made to be players, but that is all in the past now. We are no longer controlled by the spirits that invaded our planet a very long time ago. Universe Family Healing is the reason that our planet is alive. Universe Family Healing is purging and merging all of the spirits and putting real humans back in control of our beautiful planet.