Returning Water to Our Planet

I have blogged in the past about the waters returning to our planet Earth. This is definitely happening now. Not only are the great ice continents melting, there will be water everywhere from deep beneath our surface returning to the lakes and rivers. The water returns because spirits are no longer in control of it. There was a time when the spirits were able to totally change our world. And, there was a time when there were no polar ice caps. But as the spirit load increased on our planet, the ice caps became real and dangerous. The ice caps have allowed spiritual energy to proliferate unchecked and uncontrolled.

There was apparently a well-developed civilization that lived under the areas of the ice caps. As time goes on, this information will become commonly known and people everywhere will be fascinated by the information that is stored there. The fears and anxieties surrounding this will fade out. There is no tragedy here. It is simply our world returning to its normal state. And there will finally be an acceptance that this is the only way our world can continue to live.

So I am happy to read that the ice continues to melt and return to where it is supposed to be. I continue to read about the changes going on. But I never see anything mentioned about spiritual energy being involved in this whole thing. I only blog here as I know what is really happening. The scientists continue to ignore spiritual energy as the etiology of anything. Scientists will not be able to continue in the future.  All they do now is observe. They do not understand the powers of the Universe or what is really going on during Universe Time. But I do and I blog here to keep an accounting of the events as they happen before my very eyes. I am not going to stop blogging here. I will continue to update as I see things happening. It is a fascinating time in our history.

Universe Family Healing is helping our world  heal and purge spirits into the Universe. This will allow all waters to return to their original location and stay put. Life continues on our planet because of the purging activities in Universe Family Healing. It is the only way our planet survives.