I Can Feel It Now, The Universe Is Really Here

Today, March 30, 2019, I am starting to feel what it is going to be like without spiritual energy in my world. It is a wonderful feeling. I cannot say anything else really. This happens when I am finally at the end of all of my spiritual setups. I am “purging out”.

I don’t think any human has ever experienced these feelings There are parts of our brain which have been under spiritual control. These are the important human feeling parts. Because of this situation the spirits began doing other things to try to make humans feel good. Sexual behavior became a big important spiritual game.

The spirits controlled human sexual behaviors and have caused all of the problems we see today with overpopulation, sexual assaults, harassments, perversion, etc. Spiritual worlds are always like this with criminal activity involving sexual games. It has been there throughout the ages. Universe Time was never in full control.

Now, Universe Time is in control of those spiritually controlled problems. Sexual perversion of all kinds is being eliminated as the spirit load lifts and leaves forever. Criminals who have used a sexual game are being caught and eliminated. They are solidly negative people and do not belong here on this planet.

People who are connected to our Universe will come together as mates. I mean a man and a woman will be life-long mates. It is the human way, but never was able to become real in this spiritually controlled world. Marriage is a highly negative spiritual game and will simply fade away. A marriage license will never be needed again.

As I move into April, I know the good feelings intensify and remain. My brain magnet is fading quickly now. I am in full control of my life and my world. I can move forward without any fears or anxieties as I have healed all of that away a long time ago. I continue to heal and move forward, closer to my birth family here in Yuma, AZ. Reuniting with birth families is the result of Universe Family Healing in full control.