Universe Time Is The Great Equalizer

When I was growing up in Southern CA, USA, (far away from my birth family), I was doing pretty much what other teenagers were doing at the time. It was the 1970s and rock ‘n roll was extremely popular. I enjoyed listening to music, buying albums, and attending rock concerts like so many others did. I was under a very negative spiritual energy cloud encompassing my whole life. But even then, I was still connected to our Universe, even though I had no idea I was.

During that time, the spiritual world ruled our planet. Rock musicians were always given a very grand audience and lots of money came their way automatically. This trend has lasted for years. Of course there was no real healing going on back in those days. In fact, in the history of our planet Earth there never has been any real healing. We have never experienced a real and powerful Universe Time until now. 

I know that the spiritual world has always been around me, keeping me under its control. I know that no one else has been through what I have experienced. Otherwise, our planet Earth would already be existing in Universe Time. That never happened when I was younger. Only Spiritual Time was controlling human lives through the ages.

Now is the time when money comes back to all good people. We don’t need songs to make us feel better. We don’t need sex or drugs to make us happy either. We just need to heal and purge our spiritual worlds. And that is all that happens now, because I was able to make Universe Time real.

Universe Time is in control of all spiritual worlds on planet Earth now. This means the money is balancing and being returned to all good people. There will no longer be billionaires because being wealthy is so highly negative and occurred only because of spiritual controls. Once those spiritual controls are broken and purging the money is equally distributed.

My family happens to be the first family to purge out our spiritual worlds into the Universe. This purging makes sure that my family will live safely and comfortably. There is going to be a sharing of the money for many years to come. At some point, money will simply not be needed any longer. Imagine that for our planet!

Money and power are products of a spiritual invasion. As time goes on we all move forward away from this kind of situation that was put upon us by the spirits. Universe Time allows a balancing of resources for all good people. Everyone will always have a comfortable home, plenty of safe, nutritious food and real family closeby to make it all happen the right way.

Universe Time is finally ending the spirits. Once purged into our atmosphere, spirits can’t do anything to humans. Spiritual time is effectively ended and spirits are powerless because they are unable to live around humans ever again. Spirits are parasites so without their human hosts they quickly die.

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