There is a Universe, It is Our Universe

When I was very young, I never knew about the Universe. I only learned about the Universe recently, say the past ten years or so. I never really thought much about it at all.

I never felt this constant pulling like I do now.  Purging spiritual energies feels like liquid sandpaper moving along my skin, out my feet and hands. It is quite real. I can feel it all the time. I never could when I was younger.

How long does it take for a real Healer to be here. Here? I mean fully understanding the powers of the Universe and being a part of it at the same time. It takes years to achieve this level of understanding. No one has ever explained this to me. I have no mentor. I have no teacher. It has all been a process of gradual knowing as the spirit layers are removed. I know more now than I ever have before. I can help others and I do. I simply know automatically.

I do not ask spirits for guidance. I purge spirits, and I know more after the spirit purging is done. Spirits are an alien life form. Spirits are parasites to the human body. You do not want spirits to be around you. Spirits cannot end themselves. They continue to grow around humans creating their own little worlds of webs and angles. Only a real Universe Family Healer can break up these connections and get this mess out into the Universe.

Thank goodness we have a very healthy and powerful Universe. The spirits are purged and die. Our living world is saved. Life continues. Spirits die and humans live.

I am a very powerful Universe Family Healer. I assist others in their own healing. I do not talk much about it, but healing is always happening wherever I am. It does not stop. It happens automatically, without their knowledge most of the time.

My healing does not require any rituals. My healing is not based on any religion or spirituality. Religions are highly ritualistic and therefore very spiritual. My healing does not allow spirituality to take control in my living world. Religion is not controlling me or my family. Religion is just another spiritual game that will eventually be purged away forever.

The Universe is real. The Universe’s magnetic flow continues to make life real and safe. Our Universe wants life to continue and not perish. Spirits are removed by our Universe so humans live. This is a permanent purging process. The spirits cannot return to our world once they are purged.

Someday, this kind of information will be common knowledge. It is not at that point right now, but it will be. No one else talks about the Universe as I do. I am the first Healer to do this and I am speaking the truth. I continue to blog as I feel comfortable and share my thoughts about Universe Family Healing. It is an amazing healing process. There is nothing else like it anywhere.

This email is how you can reach me anytime. I am here to help. Contact me to schedule your Universe Family Healing session.

Thank you for reading my blog today.

Julia Angel

Universe Family Healer