A Universe Parallel Is Happening Right Now

Right now I am documenting that a huge Universe parallel is occurring between Meadow Park were I used to live in Novato, CA and Yuma, AZ. The parallel concerns bad Owners. In the Meadow Park community, our townhomes could not be rented out. We had to live there and not use the townhouse as a rental property. All of a sudden I am getting lots of views on my other blog, http://www.meadowparkcommunityblog.com, on the posts regarding illegal renting and parking. Throughout August I saw a sudden surge in views on my old blog! And the one page that was being frequently viewed is entitled: HOA Rules About Renting and Parking: Why Are They Being Ignored Still?

At the same time during August here in Yuma, the City of Yuma had an official rental inspection of the property where I currently reside. This property is located in a Revitalization Area of Yuma and has specific requirements in place in order for it to be rented. An Owner must pass the inspection to become certified and meets standards to be able to rent the property. This program is entitled “Neighborhood Services’ Rental Inspection Program” and its goal is to help create safe and livable rental housing in Revitalization Areas.

During this inspection on August 7 several problems were detected that require correcting. The Owner had to officially meet with the inspector last Monday to receive the report and has a certain amount of time to make the repairs. This has never happened before here! The rental inspector will be following up to ensure that problems are corrected. Rental properties in the Revitalization Areas must meet the 2012 International Property Maintenance Code Standards,

So that is why I am living here in this old part of town. I am healing the neighborhood and it slowly gets better and better. The Owner of this rental property has been here for over 17 years and this is the first time he is being made to do the right thing. Other city inspections in the past overlooked obvious problems. That did not happen this time.

I am living very close to the Colorado River too. I feel this area would be an excellent choice to build a Palace of the Universe. The proximity to the river is just right. I am living here to make this happen. I will be an Owner of a home property again. There is nothing stopping me now as I see what my powerful healing can do. It is happening right before me. The control is not with the bad Owners anymore. Our Universe corrected all of that, both in Meadow Park and here in Yuma.

I had to blog about this incredible Universe Parallel as it happens right now and show how powerful and exciting my healing modality, Universe Family Healing really is when it comes to matters of the home. All humans need a safe and healthy home to live in and now that gets better and better as I have taken the time to document the reality of this amazing parallel as it happens in real time.