Creating A Safe Place To Live: Purging The Pandemics

The news today is so very negative, and it seems like things are not going to get much better. I read those headlines too. I see how much denial and fear there is everywhere. I also am the one doing something about it. I am creating a place free of spiritual control, a place to really live. It happens when we heal.

Universe Family Healing is the only healing modality available right now on our planet which effectively removes spirit worlds from our planet. There are several people who call themselves healers but all they do is take the spiritual energy from others and add it to their own. Those spiritual healers do not release their spirit worlds into our Universe. They continue to keep this mess here on our planet. They are actually making things worse. I am sure that in the future all spiritual healers will be purged finally and forever.

Right now, the pandemics of today are spiritually induced. Of course you will never read about this on any online news site. The scientists totally deny that spiritual energy even exists, even though it does. The scientists are also doing a great disservice to our planet by denying the reality of spiritual energy and how it has affected their well intentioned ideas to clean things up.

The medical profession is from the dark ages and was never purged. Although it is Universe Time right now, the medical people keep trying to take control of a spiritually induced problem and that’s why it continues to get worse everyday. There are not enough vaccines out there to deal with the spirit worlds’ pandemics. The medical professionals are not real Healers. Medical personnel are not connected to our Universe.

The only way to get rid of the spiritually induced pandemics is to heal them away.

There, I have said it and it is real. I offer a real permanent alternative solution to this covid mess. The fear factor surrounding this mess is being purged. I continue to provide Universe Family Healing sessions. I know that connecting your spirit world to our Universe’s geomagnetic field (god) creates a real place to live here on planet Earth, safe from all spiritual controls. Once your spirit world is connected to our Universe you and your family are completely safe from all of the spiritually induced pandemics.

I am here to serve the humans of planet Earth. I am a real powerful Universe Family Healer. I am not afraid. I do not live in fear as fear comes from the spirit world living on our body. My spirit world is purging and not stuck, therefore it is useless and cannot hurt me in any way.

Purge your spirit world away too and be free. You just need to connect your spirit world to our Universe’s geomagnetic current. I do this for you. Do not be afraid! I am the right person to help you. I am Universe Family Healer, a very real, safe, and powerful human living on our planet. I want to help as many humans as possible.This is the right time to heal with the right person. Our planet needs to get rid of all spirit worlds. Do your part to make this happen. One healing session is all that is needed to connect you and your entire family.