The Crows Are Gone From My World

This is very significant. Spiritually, crows have been used to set up work situations. If you read the word crow backwards, it spells worc. I know this is weird but I have found that spiritual setups have been done using animals. And spiritual setups are also done with reading words backwards. Maybe this is why some people cannot read properly. It may be their spiritual part is inhibiting the normal way of reading. Anyway, as the crows have left my world, so will the work set ups around me.

A lot of the people who live around me will lose their jobs one way or another. They will all be unemployed and this change is going to make them move away.  I am happy that this change is finally here. I have been patiently waiting for this time. I want the good people to move closer to me. I want the bad people to leave. The spirits are not happy that I have observed this change in the crow situation. They rely on the crows for their games of life and death.

The crows are not here. They used to be all the time and would express their caws in different patterns- “Caw, caw, caw” etc… I do not know what the specific patterning means, but it was very apparent that it meant something. This setup with the crows has virtually disappeared from my neighborhood. The crows have moved to a more spiritual part of the world. I am not sure where that is but I do believe that this crow set up regarding work continues to be purged away. I wonder if these soon to be unemployed people are suspecting anything….

I already know what is going to happen.