The Universe is Always Open Now, Come On In

If you read my posts, you may think that this is all just a big fantasy. I am not writing anything like that. What I am doing is very real. It is not discussed though in the scientific community. I tried once to get them involved and they did not seem interested at all. Yet, there is a scientific explanation to this amazing ability that I have. I often wonder if this will ever be discussed openly on the Internet. I hope so, but if not, I am still here posting my own experiences with purging spiritual energy. What a cool time this is!

No matter what, I cannot get into a bad situation anymore. It is virtually impossible to have bad luck now. Luck is a spiritual setup caused solely by the spirits. That is what spiritual energy does to humans, causing bad things to happen all the time.

Now that time is all over for me. I live and experience the new world I inhabit. I find it very funny to be in the company of these negative people and have it not affect me at all. I watch them make the same mistakes. I don’t say anything to them. I simply purge them away and they are not around me much.. I am safe! This is the funniest thing ever, watching them and knowing they are just minutes away from leaving my world.

I guess that I am around these people right now to do what I naturally do: get rid of them and their badness. Someone has to do it. And the current ways of correcting this negative place have not worked at all and in fact keep the negative going. So here I am in Yuma in the most strangest of places (a homeless shelter) doing this purging process and no one knows anything about it. Amazing!

I know that my time here is limited and I will purge my way out of here soon. But, until then I am not in any danger even though I am currently living around the most unruly kinds of people. In fact I am in total control! I am not in any danger at all because even though it is not my first choice, it happens to be the safest place anywhere for me to be right now.

That is the way it is right now. I say nothing about who I am and what I do. I mean, I am not telling anyone I am a Universe Family Healer and I purge spiritual energy. That is not the safe approach for me right now. But it will be the safe approach in the near future. I simply blend in and do my natural thing. Kind of like a “Secret Healer” or something. I hope you get what I am saying. It is really quite funny.

Again, I am here to preserve life on this planet and the Universe places me in these strange locations in order to do that. It is a little bit interesting but can be a bit boring.

Oh well, that is all I can say for now as it is top secret.

Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer