The Power of the Twos: Universe Mates in 2022

I know that the Power of the Twos has not been discussed the right way. There may be some ancient descriptions somewhere. The negative worlds of the spirits do not want the Power of the Twos to be well-known. I know what this means though. I will post about it here today because it is so real and meaningful right now.

The Power of the Twos means the power of the human being in a natural state, without any spiritual involvement, i.e. souls, spiritual sides, auras, etc. We achieve our natural state when we are Universe connected.

Human beings are at the top as we know. We have the supreme intellect. We walk erect. We have two eyes, ears, hands, and feet. But, the real power is when two Universe connected humans, a man and a woman, unite together as Universe 1Mates.

This is where we are going with Universe Family Healing. First, all of the families must heal. Then we find our Universe Mates. This is occurring right now. Otherwise, all that happens is a constant break up. Universe Family Healing ends that turmoil because the spirit worlds are removed completely. Spirit worlds cause all the problems between men and women. Once the spirits are gone, the problems are gone too.

Only when both a man and a woman are really Universe connected can this bonding be real. I look forward to this time when we are all together with our Universe Mates.

Universe bonding is not like a marriage as there are no rings and rituals. Marriage was created in the ancient times when spirits were in total control. Now, with Universe Time in control, marriage just fades away.

I want the Power of the Twos to be understood the right way. I posted about it today because it is so real and happening right before my eyes. There is no life alone forever. But there is a short time alone to purge out our spirit worlds that have clung to us for a very long time. Once those spirit worlds are eliminated, a natural human bonding between man and woman occurs which can never be broken.

A Universe Mate is someone whom you loved before, like a soulmate, but things just never worked out. The spirit world was in the way controlling everything. Once you start healing away that spirit world, with Universe Family Healing, you become real. That is when you can reunite as a Universe Mate. Both man and woman must heal at the same time for this bonding to occur.

The Power of the Twos is very powerful indeed. You can have this power with a Universe connection. Contact me to get connected. Year 2022 is coming right up!