Automatic Weight Loss Is A Reality Now

As a followup to my recent post about behavior change I want to document a real positive and very cool result of being Universe connected. I have been gradually and steadily losing weight! I knew this was most likely going to happen as time went on, but now I am blogging about it right here. I went from size 10 and 12 jeans down to size 6. I am currently wearing size 6 jeans.

Wow, this is only because I have been going with the flow so much and for so long that my diet totally changed to animal free products only. I also have been without an automobile for almost 7 years so I have been doing a lot of walking! These healthy behaviors were all automatic and not stressful at all. I want to make a point of how exciting it is to go shopping again.

Universe Family Healing has so many health benefits attached to it. Natural and automatic weight loss is another benefit. I am sure this will make many people happy who have had difficult times maintaining a normal weight. No more excessive overeating or spending hours at a gym. It all fades away! I just eat the right foods and get a little easy exercise still and this happened for me.

A Universe Family Healing session will get you a powerful Universe connection. You will go with the flow and just know what to do each day. You will live a Universe life free from spiritual controls!