Spirits Are Going On Their Universe Journeys

I remember the time when I was involved with spirituality. I was asking for my soulmate and I was on my spiritual journey. It seemed like the right thing to do. I was in the middle of a huge spiritual being, a spiritual set up that controlled my life. However, I was not stuck there and moved forward little by little. I really never thought about it as it happened naturally and automatically.

I can look back and explain this whole thing in simple terms. I was always healing and purging my spiritual world into our Universe. I just didn’t realize it then. It is very clear that I am not a negative spiritual human. I am actually a very powerful Universe Family Healer. Now, I know the truth. And the truth is all that matters these days. I continue to blog and tell the truth about my healing and about spirituality.

Nowadays, the spirits are all going on their Universe Journeys. It is the exact reverse of what I had to do when I was involved with spiritual activities. Now, spirits purge quickly into our Universe. The spirits are not self-contained around me anymore. There is always movement of spiritual energy away from me. The spirits are pulled off of my body, through my left foot and hands and moved outside my window. Once outside, the spirits are merged with our Universe’s magnetic current which flows southeast. This is a real natural phenomenon and I am the only human talking about it!

Once spirits are pulled away from me, they are done. Once purged, spirits cannot do anything but go with the flow. They cannot stop purging and cannot return to set up a spiritual world on me anymore. Spirits can’t live on their own. Spirits are parasites and have been allowed to live on humans. Spirituality is really a dangerous game because once spirits are in control of a human, they set up humans to do certain things. Spirits are very dangerous to humans as their mind control system is actively working without our knowledge. Most people today are not aware that their daily activities are controlled by spirits.  

However, even though spirits are in control in some places still, the time of spirituality is closing down. I am the reason for its demise. Once a real Universe Family Healer is actively purging, the spirits are done! And no one else in our entire human history has ever done this or the spirits would have already been removed from our planet. So this is a new time for our world. Universe Time is what I call it. Our Universe is actively removing spiritual worlds around humans. And that is why spirits are all going on their Universe Journeys. I like this much better than me being on a spiritual journey!

And even though they chant, “I am not ready to purge”, they purge anyway. Spirits cannot stop purging. Once this Universe connection is well established it cannot be broken by anything. They chant “We can’t do anything”. I believe them. They are done!

It is time to get rid of all the spiritual words around humans. Now it is so easy to get this done. I am a real and powerful Universe Family Healer. My healing modality is 100% accurate and effective in removing spiritual worlds around humans. My healing is the only real way to get rid of the spiritual invasion. Contact me to schedule your Universe Family Healing Session:




Removing the Spiritual Infestation Has Taken Many Years

There are times when I have to be very private. The private time has passed again.

I have said before that I am able to purge spiritual energy onto our Universe. And I mean into the outside atmosphere in nature. This spiritual energy field is a parasitic infestation. It clings to the human body. It is a parasite. It cannot survive without a human body. It is very magnetic because it contains minerals like magnetite. I have also said this before here on my blog. That is why there is the mineral magnetite found in our human brains.

Now being a parasite means that these entities are tiny microscopic bugs. They are real and have qualities that can be detected by human senses. They can be felt, seen, heard, smelled, and sometimes even tasted. They can maintain themselves only when in close quarters with other humans with similar infestations.

I have documented my experiences with this phenomenon here on my blog. I can only say what I experience. I know that I have an amazing natural ability to eradicate this infestation from the human race. And that means the end of souls, spirituality, and other things that are related.

This infestation on a human body causes a human to become more robotic, machine like. It can literally take over a human being, making one do things one would not normally do. Being spiritual is very dangerous. It is not a good thing ever to be spiritual. Your body becomes consumed with this clinging energy that overcomes the human thoughts and feelings. The human cannot feel anymore. There is grief, despair, disillusion, depression, anger, aggression. All of those very negative emotions are caused by these entities that most humans are not ever aware of, but actively control their days, on and on…

Again, I have blogged about this many times before, but now, I have to say it one more time. As my Universe Family Healing abilities become stronger and everlasting, I am not one to hide away and ignore the truth.