It Takes Teamwork to Take Out the Bully

I was able to assist in real-time with the closing down of a bully set up. It was intense, but with a little cooperation and Universe energy, the bully has been defeated. This is significant for me because I have been constantly immersed in the bullying world time after time. I am so powerful now that the bullies are very unimportant to me.

Bullying is just a spiritual game that plays out over and over because it is so full of negative energy. I am able to break up the negative cycle using my natural healing abilities. I simply have to be there physically to connect those nasty negative energies to our Universe and all of a sudden the bully is exposed and defeated.

But, it is not just me involved this time. Other people are aware and have the power to deal with this problem legally. It is the first time I have seen this happen. I know my world is becoming the real world again. I know this because I am seeing it happen right before my eyes.

It is a very good feeling to get rid of bullies. Bullying is something from the past. It is no longer occurring in my world. It is over.