Healer Purges Out Guns, Read All About It!

Guns were invented in China many years ago, about 1000 AD. That is where the gun spiritual setups began. Gun setups were never purged out before and once invented quickly spread to all parts of our planet. Immigration helped this along too. The combination of guns and immigration setups made our planet go the wrong way. A spiritually controlled planet always dies. Earth was heading towards death, but now that is not happening.

First the immigration setups were purged recently. Evidence of this is that there is very little if any migrant activity in the Yuma sector right now. Following right behind I see an increased number of views from China on my blog. I see a friend who is healing but still owns guns stopping by. I read about an overnight mass shooting here in Yuma. I see all this and understand the connection. I am purging out guns from our planet finally and forever! This also means that my family is returning soon and our planet Earth will now be able to live forever.

I just realized this tonight and had to tell someone so I wrote it right here on my website. I document the real and powerful events that are the direct result of Universe Family Healing. I had not been aware of the connection between guns and China before. I had not known that guns were first invented in China. That is where I needed to connect to for erasing the gun problem on our planet. Now I totally understand that I needed people from China reading my blog to obtain a better connection to the gun spirit world. It was automatically done, thank goodness.

I’m so excited to have finally figured out what was going on here. Guns will just automatically be confiscated, melted down, and reused for other purposes. It’s a Universe thing and I explained tonight right here on http://www.firsthealer.com.