First Family On the Universe

This morning that is the chant I am hearing from the spirits: “First family on the Universe.” I have heard it before a little, but today it seems significant. Everyday now is exciting! Parts of my body are purging that have never purged before. Two days ago, my lower left back had a sore spot which purged, and now my left side rib area is sore and that means it’s purging!

The spiritual being or world set up around me is methodically being dismantled by the Universe. I am documenting it here so I have some place to state how this happens. There is a sequence to this purging and I am experiencing it right now. I am finally getting rid of my spiritual being!

It seems my family and I are the first humans to purge and merge our spiritual beings into our Universe. I am the first healer to do this, so my family becomes the first family to purge out their spiritual worlds. I also call these spirit worlds, spiritual beings because it is like a spiritual set up on a human body.

Some people have a very extensive and deep spiritual being and some people have several beings so they end up with multiple personalities. This explains a lot about why people can act and exhibit all kinds of personalities. Their spiritual beings are in control of their human body. It may sound cool, but all it does is age a human into death. These spiritual beings usually take over when a human is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Once humans start to purge out their spiritual being, they lose all of those enhanced abilities that spirits were controlling. The spiritual beings were also causing a human to do harmful activities. Purging spiritual beings gets rid of all unsafe and unhealthy lifestyles. The real human being emerges and that is what’s happening right now. We live safely as real humans when our spiritual beings are purged.

So, there are “first families” in royalty and governments, but I am stating here that my family and I, the first Universe family Healers, are the First Family on the Universe! And the spirits are telling me this too. That is really something!

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