Healer Has Seen the Scams, Universe Family Healing Purged Them Out

In order to survive in a spiritually set up world, I needed to see the whole picture and plan accordingly. I did not do things the ordinary way. That wasn’t working anymore.  If I did things like that, I got caught up in the spiritual web. Once I encountered a scam, I worked around it. As I purged out the spiritual energies fuelling scams, I was able to conquer the scams in my life.

I define scams as: Spiritually Created About Money activities or S.C.A.M. activities. And since I purge spiritual energy, I am able to totally disrupt the S.C.A.M. activity and watch it fade away. And I guess I am very good at this. There are scams everywhere!

There are S.C.A.M. activities in schools, hospitals, HOAs, water districts, police and fire districts, law firms, governmental agencies, etc. The list of scam activities is endless it seems.  The only part of the scam that matters though is the money.  It is all about and only about the money. And so we now have the acronym: S.C.A.M.

The power is in knowing what do with the scams, and not falling prey to them. I had to feel my way through scam after scam. I had to be very careful and not get in the way. Universe Family Healing reduces the scam to nothing. That is why it is so important to have Universe Family Healers here on the planet. We get rid of the scams right away and those people who fuel them and live by them.

Blogging is a very powerful way to expose scams. Truth telling is the way to end scammers and their games. Try it and you will feel the difference. Do not let scammers control your world. They are only there because of some spiritual energy set up. And that means it can be totally purged away!

My blog is the only place where Universe Family Healing is discussed. If you have questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am here to respond to any questions regarding S.C.A.M. activities and Universe Family Healing.

Julia Angel

Universe Family Healer