Depression Is A Spiritual Game

Depression has a spiritual etiology as does all of the other kinds of mental illnesses. I see that today, there is no one talking about this but me. Most of our world is still entrenched in the dark ages and seems to like that place. I have been blogging about Universe Family Healing as an effective mental illness treatment for a very long time, but few people have responded to me for help.

That is pretty sad indeed, but I am here to heal away spiritual conditions like mental illness. I know our world is still caught up in heavy layers of spirituality. The medical profession is there too, dark and oppressive, with no real solutions.

I continue to blog here to present the truth about mental illnesses as a product of the dark ages. Universe Family Healing totally wipes out all mental illnesses because the spirits are the culprits here and easily get purged away. The spirits are the denial layers that entrench humans and keep them stuck is painful mental health conditions. The medical people cannot heal away spirit setups. The psychotropic medications are harmful with negative side effects and do nothing but stop real healing from happening.

Anyway, I had to post about the reality of mental illness and depression today because there is nothing new going on in Google News. It is the same old stuff over and over. But here on my blog, I am healing mental illness all of the time. I just am not getting paid for it. That is not good.

So, I will continue to purge out the medical realm 24/7 and hope that people will find me soon and contact me for a Universe Family Healing session. I know how it feels to have that anxiety layer. I had it and I purged it completely away. I certainly did not seek help from a medical doctor.

I am living proof that my healing is 100% accurate and effective in healing mental illness.


“Mysterious Sounds” Means Spiritual Energies Are Purging

I have read recently in the mainstream news about mysterious sounds being heard by people all over the world. It is apparently a humming sound of some kind. I can explain this quite easily here on my blog. The spiritual world sets up these spiritual turbines in highly spiritual places. They are really there! It is how the spirits have connected themselves from place to place in a highly negative atmosphere. I saw and heard this when I lived in Marin County but, I successfully purged them out. Now I understand that many people are hearing this noise. It is real. It is spiritual. And it means that the Universe is getting rid of more and more of this stuff everywhere on our planet.

The scientists of today will not discuss spiritual energy at all. They are happy to keep this real knowledge quiet and leave events like this unexplained or mysterious. Infact, the nursing profession does not allow this topic either! But it is not that big of a deal. Scientists of today are very spiritual themselves and will have a hard time being convinced of the reality of spiritual energy. They cannot do anything about spiritual energy as it is gradually eroded and moved away from them. Scientists will become silent and not speak much at all. We will not have to listen to their magical thinking anymore about all that their science fiction in outer space. I just know it is going to get more real all of the time.

And those mysterious sounds will disappear and go away because they are being purged! Spiritual energy is highly magnetic and able to reproduce (record) and mimic sounds quite easily. I found this to be true along my healing journey. I heard sound after sound come and go over the years. I still have the spirit sounds (repetitive phrases) purging away from me but those turbine sounds are not here in Yuma, AZ.

And if people are hearing voices, well that is just a bunch of spiritual energy around them that needs to be purged. The mental health professionals are highly negative and will never understand that mental illness has a spiritual etiology and is easily treated with Universe Family Healing. All that is needed is a few sessions of healing and off that energy field goes to the Universe. Those negative people working in the mental health profession are also going to be purged away too. They will simply not be needed anymore during Universe Time.

I wanted to post about unexplained noises today because it will be happening more and more in our healing world and it needs to be addressed properly and out in the open like I am doing. I have no problem at all talking about the noise from spiritual energy. It is the only way humans know that spirits are still here. Thankfully they are leaving our world.


Trauma Is At The Root of All Mental Illness, Therefore…

I figured this out a long time ago when I was working as a Staff RN in a mental health rehab facility. I was taking part in their program and did everything they wanted me to do, including administration of psychotropic medications. Now I look back on that time and realize how medieval that whole thing was. I was in the middle of this ancient medical set up and managed to leave there at the right time. It made me understand more about trauma and mental illness. That was back in 2007. I made sure I never participated in that type of health care setting again.

Now, if trauma is the at the root of all mental illness, then mental illness can be healed through Universe Family Healing. Trauma occurring in early childhood as an infant or toddler allows the spirit setups to take hold. Layer upon layer is put on the child. This has happened over and over.

But now, I hardly think about mental illness anymore. I know that the so-called voices that are heard are just the spirits around the person doing their normal thing. Ofcourse, the medical profession still does not accept any of this because they would not be able to treat anything with a spiritual etiology.

It doesn’t matter now. These days, Universe Family Healing works without any medical involvement or approval. The Universe simply takes the spirit layers away and all mental illness is removed and forgotten.

As time goes on, no one will ever talk about mental illness of any kind because it will be eradicated by Universe Family Healing. Our Universe does not even accept mental illness as a reality. Purging mental illness is just another spirit setup among all of the rest. It is not any more difficult to get rid of. It just goes away at the right time.