Everything is Just Fine Because it’s Universe Time!

Summer officially ends today, I guess. We still have the warm weather here in Yuma for awhile as it slowly fades into October. I see nothing going wrong. Universe Time is wonderful. I am able to relax each day, create beautiful crocheted shawls and afghans, and know that exciting times are coming right up.

My Universe Time keeps getting better every single day. The spirit worlds of our planet are purging very nicely into our geomagnetic currents. This phenomenon is well-established and permanent. Spirits are quickly merging into our atmosphere and whisked away to parts unknown.

I have been documenting my personal Universe Journey for many years. Right now, all is sweet and simple at the end of summertime. My Universe connection is so strong now. I have nothing going wrong. I have lived through it all to be here right now. I earned what is happening with me. But I am not the only person who can enjoy this kind of safe and peaceful existence.

Healing with our Universe is readily available now. I offer real healing, I mean, a total removal of a human’s spirit world. This removal process is easy for me. I know that as a result of this purging process, a total transformation occurs. It is just your reality really which was all covered up by a negative spirit world. There are so many things you discover about yourself. Transforming into the real you is fun and rewarding.

You begin living on Universe Time. You have a real existence now. Say goodbye to legal, medical, and social problems. Say hello to fun. Being your real self is fun, fun, fun. You automatically know what to do and not to do to create a safe and prosperous living. I can go on and on but it’s really a personal experience here. You lead yourself instead of being led around by a dangerous lifestyle created by a spirit world.

Universe Time is here for all of us. You must have a personal one on one healing session to get connected. I am the real one and only Universe Family Healer on our planet. Everything is done by a simple phone call. It can happen for you too. Just give me a call or send me an email to set up your healing session. It’s that easy now.

Happy Autumn!

I Am Purging The Spirit World

So, as a result of this very important activity, our planet Earth is healing. I see no evidence of anyone else talking about this anywhere. I seem to be alone in this activity. I must be the only one doing this purging. Otherwise it would be mentioned somewhere else, but it is not! I am totally ignored by the mainstream news. I am assuming that this is how it is supposed to be. Our Universe works quietly in the background, removing the traces of this spirit mess.

Moving forward over the past several years has taken me from the land of California where I was stuck for over 55 years, back to my homeland, Yuma, AZ, USA. After going with the flow here in Yuma since 2016, I am now stable and living safely and comfortably. I am simply summarizing a very long challenging life that has kept me very busy doing the wrong things and finally coming through it to the real me. My blog has covered it all, the good times and bad times. I had to live through everything and succeed.

Of course the whole time I was so busy doing all kinds of things I was always purging the spirit world here on our planet. Planet Earth is so infested with spirit worlds living on human bodies. Every human being has a spirit world you see. This is very real. Spirit worlds are parasites to our human bodies. Did you know that? Well it is true and now you can look at things a different and real way. Spirituality is a very negative and evil thing. No other human was able to get rid of spirituality but I am very successful in doing it. I am able to heal our planet and every human being of spirituality.

I am not sure why I can do this amazing phenomenon. I only know that I can. I have a constant flowing energy around my body through my hands and feet. No scientist can or ever will be able to explain it. I do not care about scientists. Most of what they say is meaningless. They are just a product of spirituality. Scientists will be extinct at some time. I am not sure when but I know it will happen. Scientists will never be able to test spiritual energy so they deny its existence. That is their downfall for sure.

I know spiritual energy is real because I can feel spirits and hear spirits 24/7. Scientists cannot. So they are not really important here. What is important is that we are finally getting rid of this spirit problem. Government officials also do not have to be involved. Politics is also a product of spirituality. Politicians can do nothing about spirituality either. I watch the political spirit worlds play out on our planet and I know that only the right things are happening now. I have established a powerful and permanent Universe Time.

We were enmeshed in a spiritual age and did not really understand this at all. Now, because I am here and totally real and stable, Universe Time is controlling spirit worlds, actively pulling them off of our planet and merging them with our Universe. Thankfully we have huge magnetic currents in our Universe that love this spiritual energy. That is where the spirit worlds end up, in our Universe and far away from our planet. If left unchecked, spirit worlds create nothing but death for humans.

I have had many jobs, but this one is absolutely the most important one. In fact, I cannot see anything more important than purging out the spirit worlds on planet Earth. Yes, I am new, but very much needed. I am Healer and I purge spirit worlds. I am not a science fiction story. I am not the 5th element. I am a real human being just doing my real job: Purging Spirit Worlds!

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I Am Crocheting More Blankets…

Last year I was crocheting many Sunset shawls. I was sunsetting all of the spirit setups from my family’s spirit worlds. It was automatic to do this. At year’s end I could not stop making them.

Now, I am crocheting blankets (afghans). It started in early summer and continues. I was making them for my sons. Now I am making more, for my family will be expanding someday. I am making blankets for our Universe Mates too!

His and her crocheted blankets are being designed and constructed daily in my little studio. This is keeping me busy and away from the negative people. This allows me to focus on my family even if they are not here with me yet.

This is fun for me. It is again happening automatically. I was always just making my shawls called Healer Wraps. Now, I am making items for other people, my family. This is feeling so good!

What a positive thing going on here. I shared this with my sons too. I am missing my family so much these days. Making these blankets is helping me feel closer to them. I know that someday I will see them again, hopefully soon.

I always document the changes here on my website. This is where I share the wonderful and amazing phenomenon of Universe Family Healing. My words tell the story in real time. I am seeing how gradually and easily my healing is bringing my family back together. We have been separated for over 6 years now. It is time for the First Family on the Universe to reunite.

Crocheting beautiful things is allowing me to see the progress of my family’s healing. It is real and unmistakable. I am sharing a real example right now that means it is time to be reunited, and Universe Mates are part of this reunion too. I am crocheting more blankets. It is real.

Spirituality Cannot Exist During Universe Time

I endured a very spiritual life. I lived it. I changed and emerged from it. I am now who I am. I am Healer. Spirits are not in control of me at all. They used to be though. Not anymore. I am the only human who has ever removed spirit worlds from our planet. Spirits cannot stay on planet Earth anymore.

Spirituality does not exist in its original form. Spirituality will never be here like that again. Universe Time is all that exists now. Universe Time means that all spirit worlds on planet Earth are actively being removed and merged into a highly magnetic current in our atmosphere.

Alright. This means that our planet will live. I am here to make sure that is what happens.

If you are still visiting psychic websites for help, you are just wasting your money. Psychics are very negative people and cannot help you much. They only have a spirit world controlling them and advising them. That is so disgusting. So why would you want a parasite telling you what is going on? Spirit worlds are parasites living on a human body and are totally alien! Stay away from those places and people.

Instead you should be reading my blog. My healing offers a real opportunity to live. You will never need to see doctors or lawyers for anything. All medical and legal problems just go away. These problems are always highly negative and spiritual and easily removed with a Universe Family Healing session.

One family heals at a time and soon there will be a lot of Universe families on the planet. There will still be highly spiritual parts of planet Earth but at the same time, there will be a Universe population growing in large numbers too. We will be victorious.

Universe families will succeed in ending all negative activities on our planet. Universe Time will eventually make us all have a very safe and comfortable life. It all starts with a Universe Family Healing session available right here. Just get in touch with me. I will happily connect you and your family’s spirit world to our geomagnetic field. Say goodbye to spirituality forever.

Julia Angel, Universe Family Healer


The End of Spirituality

Here on my website, I am able to say what needs to be said without any threat of censorship. I had to experience censorship in the past on several internet websites to finally come to WordPress. It has been a learning experience for sure. I had to grow up a lot and learn how to use the block editor here. I did everything and it worked! I have been so very successful in documenting my experiences and progress as Universe Family Healer here with WordPress and on http://www.firsthealer.com.

I wrote about spirituality and how I lived through this time of my life. I wrote how I purged it away as I am not a spiritual healer. I found out that spirituality is just a game that humans play with the spirit worlds living on the human’s body. Most people stay there and do exactly what the spirit world commands them to do. I did not. I could not. I continued to purge out this setup on my body and finally got rid of it.

This spirituality game can only exist in its exact set up formation. If any part of this spirit setup is disrupted, the game is done. Most people cannot disrupt this spiritual game on their body. In fact, most people do not even know it is there at all. This is the hard part, to remove the denial about the spirit world, which is just a human parasite really. Most people live with this denial of their spirit world and eventually die. Spirit worlds living on a human body make a human die. That always happens.

When I was successful in purging out spirituality from my body I became Healer. “When Healer comes through, that’s it we’re done.” I kept hearing this from the spirits, chanting over and over. I must have ended spirituality as I was able to break up this setup and put it off of me. I purged and merged spiritual energy into our geomagnetic field, a very powerful magnetic current that surrounds planet Earth.

I can assist any human who is wanting to remove their spirit world and become free of spirituality. I can do this because I am a very powerful Universe Family Healer now. My healing sessions allow for an immediate Universe connection to occur. This healing session will cause a 100% disruption and removal of the spirit world that has been causing a multitude of problems. Universe Family healing is real healing, not a spirit game as spiritual healers are doing. Spiritual healers are just playing a spirit game of healing. Spiritual healers are not Universe connected. I consider all spiritual healing a sham.

I ended spirituality years ago. I became Healer of our Universe. I won the game of spirituality! Spiritual games and spiritual people have no controls over me anymore. I am in total control of all the spirit worlds on planet Earth. I am the one and only Healer to get this job done. It is totally natural for me. I live real and powerful in my homeland. I am here to help other humans do the same, i.e. remove the spirit world from your body.

Contact me to end the spirituality game that keeps you captive.



My Observations: Notes About August Healer Style

I see me doing things for my family again. I am crocheting their afghans.

I see the weather change. These are the lowest August temps in 6 years.

I see me living my real life. I am doing exactly what I was meant to do, purging the rest of the spirit world in the comfort and safety of my home. The new owners now require background checks on potential renters. A major improvement here!

I got rid of all the S.C.A.M. activities I was living through recently. Now, I only do things with my family in mind. I only take care of my 2 kittys, not the cat colony living outside. I do not get involved with other people’s problems here. I stay away from the negative people who are all in their early healing time. I enjoy myself because I am in total control of my finances once again.

Universe Family Healing is actively providing a very good stable and safe life for me as my family continues to heal toward a reunion. I have no problems at all. This August, I am seeing cooler temperatures for the first time since I returned to Yuma in 2016. Perhaps I had something to do with this? Well, I have been actively 24/7 purging spiritual energy into the Yuma atmosphere for several years now. Maybe this phenomenon has helped change Yuma’s summer weather.

I will continue to document my observations about climate change right here on my website. After all, this spiritual energy purging has never been done before. Therefore I will continue writing what I see happening. There really is a significant change in the August weather happening. Perhaps this purging is just returning the weather pattern to normal. The reason this could and most likely be happening is the spiritual energy purging directly into our geomagnetic field. I am just saying this out loud because the reason for this weather change needs to be understood openly. Perhaps this is just how the real world was supposed to be.

I love summertime. I am part of the weather change going on in the right direction. Our planet will not be suffering any longer as spiritual energy is being purged right back where it’s supposed to be. These are my observations about what is going on right now during Universe Time. You can only read about these changes here on my website.

Universe Time and Universe Family Healing are directly responsible for improving the lives of humans on planet Earth. Contact me to set up your Universe Family Healing session. Universe connections are only achieved via a 1 on 1 healing session with me.

Simply reading my blog posts will not get you a Universe connection. But reading my posts will allow you to understand what is really going on right now on our planet.

I Am Free Of The S.C.A.M. Activities

I have always said that I am very powerful with busting the scams. I created the acronym S.C.A.M. meaning Spiritually Created About Money. I have lived through many S.C.A.M. activities. I am at the end of all S.C.A.M. activities in my way. No one will ever use me or my money again! This is such a relief and comfortable feeling. The times of being used by people are all over. I purged everything out and far away from me.

Now, I am making afghans for my sweet sons. I am sure that soon I will see them again. It has been a very long time. I am making an afghan for my sweet Universe Mate too. This was all automatic! I’m sure if I had made these afghans earlier, these precious afghans would have been lost. The family healing time can be wrought with many ups and downs, but stability is always the end result.

I am stable and safe now. My blog is pure documentation of what I encountered during my family healing time. Reality is all that exists now for me and my family. All of the S.C.A.M. activities are gone. I ended the last one today. I am done.

Now, all I am doing is making and remaking items like blankets and shawls that I gave away to people who did not deserve them. Those people are permanently purged away from me and I won’t be bothered by them again. I won’t see them anymore. The spiritual connection that kept them around me is gone. They were just S.C.A.M. setups created by a spirit world. I purge spirit worlds so this automatically eliminates what was happening.

I am free of the S.C.A.M. setups finally. There were many of them to get rid of, but it ended today. I gave the remaining bags of cat food that I bought with my own money back to the manager here where I live. I am no longer using my own money to feed the community cat colony here. I only take care of me and my 2 kitty boys, Simba and Tawny. I took back control of me and my money. This is how things go now. No one will ever take anything away from me again. That time is over. I have full control of my life and remain powerful and unstoppable. I am Healer and will always be here.

Remembering the Past As It Finally Slips Away

When I was a young girl, I was living a fake life in Anaheim, CA, USA. I had been taken away from my real birth family as an infant. It was a crime against humanity. Those bad people got away with it then, but it still did not stop me from being the real me today.

I now know why our planet changed for the bad. I was not able to become the Healer I am now. I was so suppressed by their spirit worlds which controlled them to do the wrong things. My hair was cut short. Instead of having long hair and pony tails I was stuck with a short haircut of curls and ugly bows.

So what you say? Well, I know how important it is to wear my hair in a pony tail. Every time I do this now I hear spirit setups breaking apart around my head. That hairstyle of the past only allowed a spirit world to take more and more control of me. And I endured teasing about my hair and trauma as a result.

When I complained to that Ukrainian fake father about my feet hurting, he diagnosed me with planters’ warts on the bottom of my feet. He was a pediatrician and both of his parents were of Ukraine descent. So, he decides to use some machine in his office to dig holes in my feet to remove these so called warts. This was all without any local anesthesia. I remember the pain.

That procedure did not do anything to relieve the foot pain, and only made things worse. That procedure allowed more spiritual energy to directly enter my feet. My feet were hurting only because my feet needed to purge spiritual energy. Now all that happened was a worsening of the problem. He made it worse not better. He was not even a good doctor.

I am very laware how bad those people were and I hold them directly responsible for the negative way our planet changed. Those selfish, evil people used me to make themselves look good. They wanted this image of a large, happy family but in reality they only had 1 birth son. Out of 4 children, 3 of us were stolen away. This is the truth.

I was not able to really help our planet heal for many years. I lived in CA, USA for over 55 years! Finally, in January 2016 I was home for good. Now, I am able to do exactly what I must do. There is no one stopping me now. I wear pony tails daily and purge my feet completely too. I never had planters’ warts, only a bad setup with bad people controlling my life. That time is over now. I am living safely in my homeland and I am very stable too. It was not easy to return home but I did it. I love being home. I’ll never be taken away again.

Julia Angel 5 years old

All About Universe Journeys

I have posted my thoughts about Universe Journeys a few times. A Universe Journey is a real amazing phenomenon. Once you are Universe connected, and purging your personal spirit world, you embark on your personal Universe Journey. This means you are moving forward each day towards a safe and rewarding real life.

Anything that was a spiritual setup or spirit game is removed from your body. I have said many times that we each have a spirit world living on our human body without our knowledge or permission. Spirit worlds are human parasites, aliens to our planet. Spirits are here only to create a dying planet. We must get rid of all spirit worlds on planet Earth. Every human must go on a Universe Journey to get this done.

I have included below all of the posts I have made about this situation. Read on and get a better understanding of what I am talking about. Then contact me to get your Universe connection established. You will have a fun and easy life as a result and will be helping our planet heal and grow young.

Let’s All Do Our Universe Journeys And Reunite with Our Universe Mates

Originally Published on April 1, 2022

I use to say I was sending the spirits on their Universe Journeys. I really thought that is what happened. Now I see things very differently. I see that those of us who have connected our spirit worlds to our Universe are really the ones going on our Universe Journeys here on planet Earth. This means we live through our spirit setups and purge them away at the same time. Each of us has a spirit world living on our bodies. If we continue to allow our spirit worlds to exist we will eventually die. This has been taking place on our planet for a very long time. In fact it was the only thing happening.

Once we connect our spirit worlds to our Universe, we begin a real life. The spirit setups surrounding us start up and play out a bit, then purge away so only the right things happen automatically. We are then continuing our Universe Journey all the away until we are reunited with our Universe Mate. Each one of us has a spiritual world that must be purged. Our reward for all of this purging is a life forever with our Universe Mate.

So today, April 1, 2022, I am proclaiming that we humans go on Universe Journeys here on planet Earth. Spirit worlds are simply purged and recycled into the magnetic currents of the Universe. That is their final and forever destination. Spirits do not get cleansed and then return to our planet. Oh no, that is not really what happens. Someday we will not see any spiritual activities occurring here on the planet. The spiritual age will be officially in our human history and spirits will never have an opportunity to return to the planet of humans at all.

It is April Fool’s Day and I am laughing at the spiritual worlds who created this holiday for the spirits are the biggest fools that ever existed. Their time is all up because I was here to start this purging process. April Fool’s Day will be known as the day the spirits were sent far away into our Universe with no possible way of returning. Spirits are the great fools of ages. And I say to them Happy Fools Day you fools. You thought you could defeat me in the end but of course you are all fools and that never happened. I simply returned to my homeland and did my job very well. My job is to purge spirit worlds.

Every human can purge their spirit world and start their Universe Journey toward their Universe Mate. Just contact me to get this going for you.

Universe Journeys Available Here

Originally Published on April 3, 2022

Remember when all we talked about was our spiritual journeys? And how we would find our soulmates? Well, forget about that stuff. Spiritual journeys are highly negative, ancient setups on the human body. Spiritual journeys were created by the spiritual worlds located on each human’s body so the spirits could exist here on planet Earth.

Spiritual soulmates are just a creation of the spiritual world. There is nothing good about having a soulmate as your companion. There is no real love bond. You may argue this fact, but all that happens is a lot of drama and unsafe setups. There is no real life with a soulmate. Nasty energy setups like spiritual soulmates are easily purged by me, Julia Angel, Universe Family Healer.

Have you ever heard of going on a Universe Journey? It is similar in a way to a spiritual journey except, you are purging out the spiritual setups one by one. You live though each spirit set up until you are finally and forever done. Your reward for doing this type of healing is that you are finally reuniting with your Universe Mate!

What this means is that at the end of your Universe Journey is your Universe Mate, who has also healed all the way at the same time! And so, there are no more nasty times of the spirit world. There is fun and lots of love. That never gets purged away. So why would anyone want to get a spiritual healing and go on their spiritual journey? That is outdated now.

Right now, I can connect your spirit world to our Universe’s magnetic current and you are then commencing your Universe Journey. You go with the flow, live through each setup which is quick and painless and finally reunite with that special someone you really love. Be assured that one Universe Family Healing session with me allows for both Mates to heal on the Universe at the same time.

So, if you are really tired of the coming and going in your relationship and instead want things to move forward together contact me. I can get things going the right way.

Universe Time Means Universe Journeys and Universe Mates Are A Reality

Originally Published on April 10, 2022

Universe Time has been created by me and will never disappear. Universe Time means that all spirit worlds on our planet are being purged by our Universe’s magnetic current. Once this starts happening in reality, Universe Time is permanent. Spirits are forever moving away from humans and planet Earth. The time of spiritual anything is ending.

The spiritual journeys are breaking apart as are the spiritual soulmates. All of that is being removed and recycled into minute particles. Our Universe can utilize the pieces of the spirit world in itself. Once recycled these spirit worlds can never return to the planet of humans and therefore will become extinct here.

Spirit worlds can only exist on a human body and therefore are human parasites. There are so many spirit worlds on our planet. Spirit purging into our Universe has never occurred before, so there is quite a lot of this alien species to be discarded. However, once the spirit world has a hole in it, nothing can keep it intact and therefore it is done.

I am the first Healer to attach my spirit world to our planet’s geomagnetic field. I am the only Healer who has ever done this. Spiritual healers are not doing this. They only play games and pretend to be connected but they are not connected.

What this means is that anything spiritual is being purged away. Purging means the spirits are moving into our Universe. It is the proper term for this amazing phenomenon. I never attended a seminar or class to be who I am. I am an original and this is all my knowing coming out on these pages of blog posts. Yes I have a tremendous amount of knowing knowledge. It is very important that I have this natural ability. I was born with this healing ability. It cannot be taught anywhere.

Alright, so now that spirit worlds are breaking up and being purged, we can be directly connected to our Universe and really go on our Universe Journeys. This just means that we live one day to the next and automatically know what to do. We do not need any psychic advice ever. We just know what to do. This is how Universe Family Healing works. You do not need weekly healing sessions with me to get things moving along. Once connected you are connected and that is all the connecting you will ever need.

Universe Journeys are so much better than spiritual journeys. Universe Journeys allow us to purge all the spiritual setups on our bodies. We no longer host any spirit worlds. Most of the time this causes a separation of family members so that each one can purge out their spirit worlds safely on their own. This separation time is very important and totally destroys spirit games that were in control of human behavior.

We are rewarded at the end of our Universe Journey. We automatically are reconnected with our loved one, i.e. Universe Mate. This is a definite result of completing a Universe Journey. There is absolutely nothing wrong here. A Universe Journey through Universe Family Healing is 100% accurate and effective in removing spirit worlds from the human body and reuniting Universe Mates.

That very special person you have a human love bond with is healing at the same time as you! A human love bond ensures that you are connected in the right way and is never purged away by our Universe.You will both be ready at the right time to be reunited. It sounds like a fairy tale, but it is all real and happening right now.

The way to get connected is through me. Contact me by email or phone to schedule your healing session. It is all done by phone. I require payment up front via PayPal. One Universe Family Healing session is 200.00 US. That is the only fee you will ever need to pay. It is really that simple now.



Our Spiritual Earth is Done

My powerful healing is changing our planet. I live in Yuma, AZ, USA but my healing is so powerful that our entire planet is being purged of spiritual energy. My healing goes anywhere on the planet.

The right changes are happening now. This will not stop. Once this spiritual web is Universe connected it cannot fight back and retreat. It actually merges with our Universe’s magnetic current. It blends right in and is gone forever.

Now, finally and forever, only the right people will be in charge making the right decisions. Spiritual people who had all the control are losing their ability to control anything. It keeps going in that direction until these people fall down and die.

These highly negative people cannot survive without their spiritual energy. These people who are highly negative are at risk of experiencing so many problems right now. There is nothing going their way. All the spiritual setups that allowed them to have control are purging and broken. Thank goodness for that. Our Universe gets rid of these people quietly and completely.

When these negative people become Universe connected, they do not heal very good. There is nothing good there to heal to really. Instead of uncovering a real human these negatives are decaying from the inside and succumb to one or more spiritually induced diseases.

This happens over and over and will never stop. I see this happening right here in front of me where I live. I see this happening globally too. Our planet is  safe now. There is nothing to fear as this is all that happens during Universe Time.

The dark ages are finally purging the real way. The rituals of the spirits are no longer cherished and admired. We are seeing everything now with our real eyes. Rules set up by the forefathers are being questioned and updated. The spiritual layering is leaving. Humans are making the correct decisions based on reality, not spiritual fantasy. 

Spiritual Earth is fading away into our Universe. It is Universe Time and this will never stop. Our Universe continues to pull away all spiritual energy from Earth. This will allow our planet to completely heal and stay young and alive. Our Universe is using the spirits to strengthen itself too. All this happens automatically because it is the way life is supposed to be: Free of spiritual control.