I Am Going With The Flow in My Homeland

Going with the flow. I say this all of the time. I am always saying it. What it means to me is I am doing the right things at the right time. I am always in control of my actions. I do not make a mistake ever. If I go against the flow I could make a mistake and fall down. That cannot happen to me or to anyone who is connected to our Universe. I have a powerful Universe connection. My connection cannot be broken.

Everyday, I simply know what I must do. I do what I have to do and then rest. I live in Universe Time. This means that our Universe’s magnetic current is in control of the spiritual worlds around human bodies, thus I call it Universe Time. Our Universe;s magnetic current is powerful and pulls the spiritual energy layers away from humans constantly, non-stop, 24/7.

I do as much as I can then I am done. I know when I am done. I help others along the way as they are all in early healing. I know that everything is fine when I see them experience the same things I experienced so many years ago. Those early healing days are all in the past to for me. But for these people all around me they are just starting. their healing time. I have succeeded in putting our household in Universe Time!

Losing phones and keys, etc., does not happen to me anymore. I am well over those crazy times, but I do remember them well. I do understand that those things are a real sign of healing. That is what happens in early healing. It is pretty consistent with all early healing wherever you are. I observe the events as they happen and assist as needed.

I am sure that more fun times are coming right up as we all move forward and find our phones and keys once again. The spirits play these losing games with humans but the game is broken now. I made sure that I purged those spirits away today at the right time with the right people at the right place of course. We are all understanding that this was part of a spiritual game but it finally ended today.







This Is All Going My Way

I just had to make a post today to mark that everything is going my way. It really is. I can predict what will happen and see it happening daily right before my eyes. This must be the real beginning of the fun part. No mistakes, no problems, just powerful knowing and doing the right things. Today started off like that.

I feel so sleepy today because it is that kind of day for me. I am moving slowly today. I am purging tremendous amounts of spiritual energies which are all going out to the big magnet in the sky, our Universe’s magnetic current.

This time I am living through is already over really. I have to live each day though. I know it is just fine. I am not doing anything wrong and cannot be stopped. I am that powerful now. I rest, eat, and purge. I blog. I enjoy this time because it is almost finally over! The total end of my spiritual world is happening right now.

I am blogging about it today because I can see its demise. I still powerfully purge and move forward. I help others around me too with their healing. They are all in very early healing. I see the challenges they face. I understand what they are going through. I remember that time in my past. It is far in the past for me. I am never going back to early healing. But I know what its like. I had to live through that time to be here today. There are no shortcuts with my healing.

Today, October 18, Friday, 2019. I am relaxing and know that everyday is better for me. I can breathe and relax and understand all of this. I move forward easily. Everything is going my way.


October 15 2019 is in The Past Now

I lived through that day, yesterday, not really understanding the significance of it at first. Later in the day, I felt a tremendous purging throughout my body and immediately understood what was happening. It was October 15, 2019, and I was still here living in a safe place, not stuck out on a road somewhere. I successfully lived through all of those bad times and the spirits who have lived around me have failed, ofcourse! They could not make me homeless! I instead made them homeless through my automatic purging. I am so powerful and strong. I cannot be stopped. I made spirits homeless as they purged and merged with our Universe.

I know this was important because I confirmed it with others around me. I sat outside in the evening and purged toward the full moon. I sat there for quite awhile and the purging was so intense I know it was helping us all move forward. The fun times are right now. I am making sure we enjoy the fun times. The spiritual world that controlled me is gone. It cannot return to me and try to do anything. It is totally defeated here. It is helpless and weak as it is pulled away to the Universe’s magnetic current and consumed entirely.

So, I had to post about October 15, 2019, because it was the spiritual world’s last chance to do me in and it could not succeed. I triumphed once again because I am living in a safe place with good people. I am looking forward to fun times and family reunions for all. That is all that happens now. Too bad spirits as you are not going to win ever again no matter where you are. You are all doomed. I am here to stay and I will always be here to purge any spiritual worlds from humans that remain. My healing power is unstoppable.

Healers everywhere are making their spiritual worlds homeless. This allows our planet Earth and Universe to heal and grow young. We grow young too as we shed the negative layers of spirituality. We live and spirits die, and as a result life continues. The rest of this year will be filled with fun and enjoyment! And it is all because I lived through October 15, 2019 and keep moving forward with no problems at all. I know what I must do everyday and it is easy to make the right things happen.


I Love Universe Time

Universe Time is wonderful. Our Universe is in full control purging and merging spiritual worlds away from humans. This amazing phenomenon works because there is a powerful magnetic current in our outside atmosphere, our Universe. This current is located high in the sky and loves to pull spiritual energy away from human bodies.

I have a magnetic connection to this Universe current. I can remove and automatically connect negative spiritual energy to the Universe’s current. I have this as my natural ability. It was always with me but I never knew about it for most of my life.

I live completely in Universe Time now. My spiritual life ended awhile ago and I go with the flow of the Universe now. I know exactly what I must do everyday. I cannot make a mistake. I cannot fall down. People who live completely in their spiritual worlds are constantly at risk of falling down. Hardships and pain surround spiritually controlled people. Living a spiritual life is always filled with danger and unhealthy lifestyles. Living spiritually means you are not living a real life at all. You are simply led around by the spiritual world that controls you.

Every human has a spiritual world that has built itself on the human body. Most people are not aware of it. Spiritual worlds are alien parasite communities which mind control humans to do the wrong things. No human has ever purged out their spiritual world before. I was the first human to do this. Therefore I am the first healer to become Universe connected.  I am the first healer to connect to our Universe and do what naturally needs to be done, eradicate spirits from planet Earth.

I am describing this process so that whoever reads my blog can understand this phenomenon easily. There is no confusion with what I write. I use simple language which is easily understood because it is so real. Our Universe is Earth’s healer in a way and was always there for us. We just did not have a human in the past to get things going the right way. I have done that, therefore I am Healer of our Universe.

Although I am the first one to do this I am not the only Healer on planet Earth. Everytime I heal a human they in turn become a Healer and can likewise heal others. It is that simple really. I can in no way heal everyone on our planet! I am the catalyst that got this thing going and put us into Universe Time. We are never going to have a spiritual time again. Spiritual Time is part of our past here on planet Earth and never happens again.

Universe Time is a wonderful time. I help other humans heal and they in turn help others heal too. We are all doing the right thing to heal planet Earth. My family is the “first family on the Universe”. I am proud to hear the spirits chant this and know it is the truth. My family is the first family to purge our spiritual worlds. Earth is a living planet again. Planet Earth does not die. Our Universe lives and grows younger all of the time because it is consuming the spiritual worlds on planet Earth.

This is not science fiction but factual and real. However, you will ever hear of a scientist talking about it. You will never see a movie being made about it either. Only here on my blog do you read the truth about our Universe and Universe Family Healing, my powerful healing modality. I continue documenting my progress right here on my blog at http://www.firsthealer.com. Right here is the most current and up to date information on the progress of our healing world. And right now everything is just fine as we all move forward during Universe Time.



Universe Family Healing Brings Birth Families Back Together, Safely, At the Right Time

I have blogged many times about the overall health benefits of my healing modality, Universe Family Healing.  I know what it does to help humans overcome many health problems. I am still relatively unknown in the great big world of planet Earth. I know I can effectively heal away mental health problems easily. Those mental health professionals are all scam artists. They are not able to remove spiritual energy layers that cause mental health problems.

Going to a mental health professional for treatment is a waste of time and money. It only helps the psychiatrist or therapist, not the client. In the future those so-called professionals will not exist. They are so ineffective yet still reap all of the rewards when they are highly paid for doing nothing. They are still looked upon as the experts in their field. They cannot provide real healing services at all. In fact, their own spiritual energies add to the problem. Because they are so highly spiritual, they are all falling down during Universe Time when their spiritual worlds are purged.

There are so many positive benefits from my healing modality. I can make a huge list but I won’t right now. I will say that Universe Family Healing is 100% accurate and effective in removing the spiritual world around a human body. From that point, real healing occurs. It is that simple. The negative spiritual energy fields are removed and this allows only real living. Unsafe lifestyles fade away. Drug and alcohol use are also eliminated. The traumas of our childhood are not stopping any of us now who connect those energies to our Universe. There is no limit on this either. Spiritual energy purging never stops ever!

My healing also brings disrupted birth families back together. This makes us all very happy. Instead of living far apart from our birth family members we are all reuniting and living in the same area. What a fun time this is. As the spiritual worlds are eliminated, this happens quite naturally because of course we want our family members around us! This happens world-wide no matter what country you are living in. This amazing phenomenon is available to every human on planet Earth.

So, in addition to releasing childhood traumas and living a safe and healthy lifestyle, we are reuniting with our real birth families. We leave the fake families far behind us and become reacquainted with our birth family members. This is a gradual occurrence in the right direction. There is no other health and wellness service available anywhere like mine. I can do this for anyone on planet Earth. It is so easily done with a simple cell phone call. Yes, by cell phone this happens. I have proven it over and over.

So say goodbye to those fake drug rehab programs and family therapy sessions. None of those things work and they do not offer real healing. I do. Contact me instead to get yourself connected to our Universe. You will go with the flow and leave your negative world far behind you. You will never think about those bad people again. They will be gone from your life forever.

I am Julia Angel, Universe Family Healer. I was a professional RN for many years and finally left that negative world far behind me. I am being me finally. I am a powerful, strong Healer. I can do what others cannot do. Leave your fears behind and email me. It is going to be just fine!



That Deja Vu Thing is Happening Right Now

I am in the middle of a very powerful purging time. I practically know what is going to happen. This spiritual setup has been around me for a very long time. I watch the people who I am living around go through the setup as they are so entrenched in it. I mention to them that this is very much “deja vu”, meaning “already seen” in French. I am here purging out most of this set up so only the right things are happening.

I am powerfully connected to our Universe so our Universe is active and in control of this home environment. That means, our Universe’s magnetic current is pulling away the spiritual worlds around every human here where I presently live. This is very cool really. I go with the flow and know exactly what to do each day and cannot make a mistake!

Everyday I make sure that the good people are in control. There are good and bad people around me right now. The bad ones have been in total control. That is ending quickly now. The bad people here cannot continue without their spiritual worlds intact and controlling everything. These nasty people cannot survive without their spiritual worlds. Somehow these bad people will fall down and fade away. For example, trucks break down or are confiscated by legal authorities, jobs fade out, money disappears etc. That is all that happens now with these bad people. It is happening right before my eyes.

So this deja vu time is kind of fun, but still is not the best time. The best of times are right in front of me with money, jobs, cars, and mainly birth family all around me. The bad people will not have any of that now. I finally made it to this time where I practically know what is going to happen every day and cannot make even one mistake!

Now that is a very good way to live isn’t it?


I am Healer, Strong, Powerful, Brave, Fearless

I keep repeating this to myself these days. It seems the right thing to do right now. I certainly can move forward by myself as I have been doing these past few years. Although I prefer not to have to be alone doing this, it seems the only way to make our world into a Universe Time world.

I accept it and take a deep breath. I know that this is only temporary and not long lasting. I know that this alone time ends in the near future. I do miss my family so much. But, I can move forward and purge out every negative environment I have to live through. I can do this. I can!

I can do everything I must do as I am the only person to have ever purged out the spirits here on planet Earth. No one else is doing this except me. I am real and powerful and actively moving massive amounts of spiritual worlds into our Universe. It is happening everyday here in Yuma, AZ, USA, my homeland.

I want to have a normal life. I want to get up and go to work everyday like I used to do. I want to have a car again like I always did. I especially want to have my family around me too. I want all of those things and that is why I purge and merge this negative spiritual energy constantly. I know I am winning in this fight for humanity. I know because I see the big picture.

This is an enormous task I have been dealt with. Why me? I do not know that answer. I just keep going with the flow every single day and know that my efforts are working. The bad people are being dealt with accordingly. Those bad people are not getting away with their evil deeds at all. We all see them finally for who they are. They cannot hide behind a blanket of negative energy anymore. They are losing their power as their spiritual worlds collapse and disintegrate. I see this all of the time now. I know that Universe Time is in full control.

Moving forward in October, I have finally made it to this time. I pretty much know what is going to happen. I just have to live through everything. So that is what I do. I simply am being me finally for the first time in my life. I cannot change who I am.

I am Healer, powerful, strong, and brave, and I will always be here to purge out evil in my homeland.



Universe Transitions Happen At the Right Place, Right Time, With The Right People

Our Universe is in full control of spiritual worlds everywhere, especially here in my homeland. Humans living around me are actively purging out their spiritual worlds. I observe the powerful changes daily. I am living in my new location and easily adjusting to this environment. I help others heal away their spiritual sides and see what happens as a result. I fit in here and it is comfortable and safe for me. The place where I was living became totally unsafe and uninhabitable. The city of Yuma is actively shutting that old place down and those nasty negative people who own and run that place are all falling down as a result.

I move through negative worlds and they collapse behind me. I am cleaning up Yuma as it has been so old and negative for a long time. Unfortunately, I was not always here to clean up things. I was taken away from my birth family here in Yuma when I was so very young. I have since returned and Yuma is opening up and welcoming me back. The results are good. I see how this works as our Universe helps me along to my birth family’s home. I feel like I am almost there now. I have no concerns really. I go with the flow, not against it. I know that is why I am here with these good people helping them right now. I know this place is also temporary but as I said before, a necessary stop on my way home.

Here, I can rest and continue purging out the remaining elements of my spiritual world. Here the spiritual setups on me are simply purged. That is all that happens. I have no legal problems at all. I have no problems at all here. My belongings are safe, unlike at that other location. I have the only key to my place here. I have full control. I was at risk at the other location because the manager had keys to my place. He could go into my place when I wasn’t there and destroy or take my belongings elsewhere. I know that is illegal but he would have done it anyway, just for revenge. That threat is eliminated now because I moved away at the right time.

This is a perfect example of how our Universe works when we have a strong Universe connection. Nothing bad ever happens! I am demonstrating this again as I move closer and closer to my birth family and father away from the negative people who were around me most of my life.

I provide Universe Family Healing sessions for anyone anywhere on our planet Earth. A cell phone call healing session is all it takes to establish your powerful Universe connection. Once connected you are not needing any more healing sessions with me. You are connected and just go with the flow! You guide yourself each day. You simply know what you need to do and do it.  Simple and real, it works. Be ready for change as it happens automatically and in the the right direction.

Universe Family healing sessions are $150.00 US payable through a PayPal invoice.

Contact me via email to schedule your Universe Family Healing session: 




Universe Transition Time is Happening Again

I have recently relocated away from that old place I was living in for a few years. It was the right thing to do at the right time with the right people. So, here I am involved in another spiritual setup place. I am actively purging myself away from here too, but for now it is a safe place with good people.

This time it feels like I am almost home. I have been through many spiritual setups in my journey home to reunite with my birth family. This seems like the last one, and it is with good people around me.

My spiritual world is almost gone entirely. I pretty much know what is going to happen now and it is all pleasant. I keep my basic routines going and pay my bills. I adjust and fit in here and help these kind people heal and connect to our Universe. I see that they are all healing and Universe Time is in control of the home.

This Universe transition to a different place to live was very simple. I knew that on this past Sunday I needed to finally leave that bad place where the Dungeon Dwellers reside. I knew it was the only thing I needed to do and everything worked out just fine. I go with the flow instead of against the flow. That is why I am successful in moving forward every day and soon my goal of a birth family reunion will be met. There is nothing else stopping me now.


The Timeline is Ending, The Dungeon Dwellers Go Far Away

Interesting that today was supposed to be a very difficult and challenging day for me. But in reality, I am in total control of this day. I am not worried or stressed out at all. I am sitting comfortably outside the Heritage Library blogging. I have no concerns about this day which was supposed to make me out on the street. It will not happen of course. But that is what the spiritual setup was trying to do.

Actually I am very comfortable and confident that the results of this day will always be in my favor. I will post later about that, but I just had to blog right now as I am sitting here, enjoying the cooler weather finally in my homeland. I will live through the remainder of this day and observe what actually happens in reality. There is nothing bad happening really. I enjoy watching a spiritual setup try to play out during Universe Time. It is always enjoyable to see the bad people fall down.

So, I will follow up later and post the results of this big setup day. I will go with the flow and see what happens and post the results on this page later on. It is a day I have been looking forward to for a very long time. I always tell the truth wherever I am. I suppose I am a whistleblower but really I am just a good person who tells the truth. That is all I have to say about that. I purge out evil in my homeland now. The evil that once created a very negative environment here is getting purged finally.

So this day ended without any drama at all. The evil manager simply removed all of his set up junk from my side of the yard. He covered up the water plumbing holes he made finally. He removed his cutting table from outside my window. I heard him huffing and puffing as he did this. He is in poor health now and can barely do anything. His spiritual world is so small and powerless and that is what kept him here. He is not appreciated at all. He has been dishonest and irresponsible. He has been nasty and mean. He is about to go far away from me and never return. He is going to go back to his own kind and stay there.

That is what happened today. Everyday is new and different during Universe Time. My timeline is over with good results. I am still in my home, but he is moving farther away all of the time. Soon, I will not see him at all as he will be gone one way or another. But I will still be here, because I am in the right place at the right time with the right people involved. He is not.

Our Universe removes all of the bad, evil people from my homeland and he is one of the worst and is therefore banished forever.