Spirits Are Tiny Alien Insect Parasites

Now, how can anyone say they want to be spiritual? Being spiritual means your body is consumed with an infestation of microscopic bugs from another Universe. These bugs are very harmful to the human body. All these bugs do is set up their own little world around a human body. And this is done without a human even aware it is happening. But once we are all aware of the spiritual invasion, we all should be very willing to get rid of it completely. This is still not happening right now. Very few people even know they are infested. Those people who read my blog do understand, but more humans must become informed.

Do we let insect parasites take over our garden and homes? Of course not. We do whatever we can to get rid of those bugs. We don’t want our garden of vegetables to be ruined. So why should we allow an infestation of spirits to remain on our bodies. In the past apparently no one was able to purge the spirits. I find this very hard to understand that no human in the entire history of our planet ever purged spirits before. In fact, the opposite was always true. Healers were always highly spiritual and just “cleansed” the body. Their cleanings shared the spirits among other people which allowed the spiritual infestation to grow. Spiritual healers never purged their spiritual energies.

Our planet Earth has become totally infested with spiritual energies. Older people are highly negative and continue to allow all of this spirit activity to go on and on. Their bodies are so negative and really just spiritual reproduction factories. How could this happen on a planet like ours? Why was there no humans doing this purging activity like I do all of the time. What I do is so automatic and simple. I still can’t understand what happened to the real Healers of our planet. This infestation is so ugly and massive but I continue to do what I can to reduce its size and I will not stop! I know more about spirits than anyone on our planet. I tell the truth. I am the expert here.

I explain what is happening here on my blog very easily in simple language. Spirits are a type of microscopic insect from another Universe. They are highly magnetic bugs and can easily mimic voices and sounds. They came here on the current out in our Universe looking for hosts and found humans on planet Earth. They can only live and multiply on human beings. They really belong in our Universe’s magnetic current and not on a human body. They can help our Universe become stronger, bigger, and younger. That is the only positive function the spirits serve. Once in our Universe they are recycled into minute particles of magnetic minerals.

We must all get real about this spiritual problem and do the right things. Purging spiritual worlds is easy now. It is not a difficult or challenging activity. You don’t have to climb a mountain to purge your spiritual world. All that does is put your life in jeopardy. Instead, contact me for a Universe Family Healing session and connect your spiritual world to our Universe. This will end all of those very negative and dangerous spiritual activities in your life. It will allow you to live your real human life.

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Spirits Are a Nuisance Infestation

Thank goodness I can purge out the spirits. I am not mind-controlled at all. Spiritual setups may still occur but I know exactly how to deal with them. I remain in control of the spirits and know what to do to move forward.

For example, I live right across the street from a school bus loading/unloading zone. I have to listen daily to that loading and unloading noise. It is not that big of a deal really. But there has been one bus (B90) that seems to be on a spiritual setup. This bus has tended to remain idling for up to 45 minutes after it drops off the school children! This has been going on periodically for months.

Today, the setup intensified. The bus remained here for almost 50 minutes idling after dropping off the students. Then the bus came back at 10:45 AM and stayed for another 25 minutes idling. I am just waiting to see if this bus comes back for a third time as most setups happen in 3s.

Because it is so annoying to have this noise coming right into my window, I made a comment by email to the district officials, a transportation director and a board member. I told them what happened and that it was very unusual and also annoying, etc. I got an immediate response back from the director after the first time I emailed, then the bus driver came back!

So, it seems that nothing really got done correctly. The setup was to include me going further with the school people and suggesting that school buses be used to transport the migrants out of Yuma, AZ. That is really what the spirits thought I would do. I am not doing any of that. The only reason I contacted school people was to complain about their annoying bus driver.

I will never suggest to our mayor to start using our school buses to move the migrants out of Yuma. I am simply purging all of the rest of this ridiculous setup and will forget about it quickly. This is what I have to deal with as I purge and heal my way towards family members here in Yuma. I have all of these stupid energy setups still trying to get me to interact with school people. That is not what I am going to do. But I will complain and speak the truth when things as ridiculous as today’s events happen.

School buses are used specifically to transport students to school. School buses should never be used to transport migrants. Without the school buses the students would not be able to get to school. But why do bus drivers idle their buses in between drop off and dismissal? Why is the bus here, idling, and not parked in the bus yard? That is the weird question of the day. It must be a spiritual setup.

I did all I am going to do about it. It is boring right now but I have to live through each day to purge out whatever energies are still here. This is one more school set up that was still lingering around me.  It is easily purged away and goes outside into our Universe and far from me forever.

I will never recommend to use school buses to transport migrants out of Yuma. That spiritual setup is dead and gone. The spirits cannot use me to get rid of their migrant problem. This situation, migrants overwhelming our resources in Yuma, will be handled very differently now. And the school buses will not be involved.

Universe Family Healing is purging away the spiritual infestation that was created to keep school officials interacting with me. From now on, the school buses will be going farther and farther away from me, instead of closer. That’s all that happens when I purge out the school bus setups into our Universe.

As the buses move farther away from me, our environment/air quality here in AZ improves. And that is a very good thing to happen.