Universe Family Healing Took Me Away From the Fake Family

As I healed away those negative spiritual layers that held me captive, the real truth emerged and was right there in front of me. Now, I just knew I had been lied to and deceived throughout my early life. I was never with the right family. I was put there without my knowledge or permission. I was taken away from my real birth family when I was very young! This birth family – child separation caused a total reversal of our natural healing planet. As a result, our planet changed for the worse.

My birth mother was very young and never agreed to this separation. She was always in a state of sorrow and never could accept this happened. She was not one to be taken advantage of but it happened anyway! And so it goes in this world of spiritual setups and games.

Yes, the human family unit was made into a spiritual game. And it was OK in 1950s USA to take babies away from their birth mothers who loved them dearly and put them into fake, spiritual families. Mother and child could not stop it. This spiritual activity was accepted and encouraged everywhere!

I  was forced to pretend all the time that I was someone else entirely! I was given a false name and birth date. And this was all approved by the medical and legal profession! This was a scam, a crime against humanity that happened in the 1940s through the 1960s when babies were taken away from their birth moms and put into other households. It was deemed the “right thing to do” and a very bad time in our history because the best and brightest human infants were involved.

There were so many bad couples (post-war) wanting to have instant families. And this was all legally allowed and encouraged. Little infants were used to improve the status of these fake spiritual families. It is all real and disgusting. Liars and criminals did this over and over and got away with it.

Only in a highly spiritual world does this kind of thing happen and only with Universe Family Healing does this scam get exposed and blown apart into tiny little microscopic pieces. Spirits cannot make us into their “spiritual angels” anymore. That time is gone. Universe Family Healing completely stops this Spiritually Created About Money (S.C.A.M.) activity from ever happening again.

Universe Family Healing is freeing us all from this nightmare!

Are you a child from the 1950s when this was happening? Do you feel like you have not been with your real family? I sure feel that way and I know that there are many others like us out there just now finding this out. It took me years to get to this realization. So I am not surprised that most of us still do not realize this. But if I am here, I mean really here, then I know all of us who were stolen away will eventually realize this too.

This spiritual energy purging and merging time is ongoing. Our world will not die. Planet Earth is existing in Universe Time now. Universe Time is well established and permanent. Universe Time means our Universe is in control of all of the spiritual worlds around humans. Universe Family Healing works with our Universe to remove spirits from human beings.

Universe Family Healing reunites birth families by healing away Disrupted Birth Family Trauma (DBFT). My healing modality, Universe Family Healing is 100% accurate and effective in treating Disrupted Birth Family Trauma.

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Julia Angel

Universe Family Healer