Nothing Is In My Way, Not This February

I am in control of my life finally. I am constantly releasing the spiritual setups around me and so nothing happens but reality. My life used to be totally controlled by a spiritual world built around my human body. Now, I control the spiritual worlds as they are moving quickly to our Universe’s magnetic current. Spirits are highly magnetic and contain the mineral magnetite. This flowing motion is constant and is not stopped by anything.

The spirits cannot stop Universe Family Healing. I am living outside most of the time now so I am making sure that nothing bad can happen to me or my family. All of our spiritual worlds are purged! My family is the first family to have this happen. We are the First Family purging our spiritual worlds into our Universe.

This is why I am feeling so free today. In the past February was a very dark and uncomfortable time for me. Not anymore. I am living outside and so nothing is bothering me. The spirits of February are instantly removed and taken far away from me by our Universe. I am so comfortable outside and always was that way. Now I understand why.

Outside is the safest place for me especially in my homeland. Here I can easily purge out any spiritual world automatically. The sun shines so much in Yuma that it is always a warm and comfortable climate. Yuma, AZ, USA is a very good place for me. In other parts of the country, winter is in full control, cold and dark. But here in Yuma, winter is mild and cheerful.

So, I posted in the past about February’s negative slant, but that was a long time ago. Now February is opening up as a warm and sunny month. My purging ability has never been stronger because I am outside so much right now, at the right time of course! I am the observer of other people’s February and watch as they fall down a bit. Those people are not really connected to our Universe. Too bad. They are not going to have much fun this month.

That is not happening here with me or my family. We are well into our healing time and almost done. I can relax and just be me. This is the first time for me to be outside in nature at this time of year, here in my homeland. Looking ahead to what this means as the spirits are dumped into our Universe and removed from planet Earth.

This February I am finally in the right place, at the right time, with the right people. This has never happened before. I will continue to post my progress as this month opens up without any spiritual games interfering. Too bad spirits, you are not going to have any fun this time! Your February time is over.

Are you  wondering about your February? This is the perfect time to get rid of your spiritual world that loves to be in control of February everywhere. Contact me for a Universe Family Healing session and get rid of those February blues right away.