Moving Forward in July And Ending The Spiritual Addiction Set Up

Today it is supposed to be 109 degrees. It is warm here in Yuma. I am used to the weather. I am from here. I love it when it is warm. I do not like the cold.

I talk to my neighbors. They are telling me things that I want to hear. There is a city inspection of our apartment building coming up. This is long overdue. I am sure that things are going to be done correctly. We will benefit greatly from this inspection. Our building has to be in a safe condition. That is now going to happen. This building is 99 years old. I have been purging all of the spirit setups here for awhile. Finally, the right people are becoming involved to do the right things.

My neighbor reports that a friend in Mexico is in need of his support. He is heading there to give assistance. I told him that his friend just needs healing and will overcome his ailments (i.e. drug addiction). I am confident that my neighbor can do this for him. My neighbor is healing too. Positive signs of healing are all around me.

It seems right now that I am involved in healing away drug addiction. I know that this can be done so easily. I know personally how healing helped my own family and now I am able to help other people heal away drug addiction. In fact, all of the addictions can be effectively healed.

Addiction is simply a very negative spiritual layering around the human body. This energy layer is also a product of early childhood traumas. And most all of us have experienced some form of childhood trauma. Once this spiritual trauma layer is connected to our Universe, the problems it has been causing cease to exist. Addictions can be drug, alcohol, sexual, gambling, and food to name a few. Whatever addiction exists it is always a result of spiritual trauma from long ago.

Counseling sessions and therapy do not heal trauma. Instead, the problem with trauma continues and the addiction cycle is unbroken. There is no healing involved in rehab facilities either. The drug rehab programs do not include healing. However, I was able to assist a young man recently who was totally immersed in the drug dealer/ drug addiction lifestyle. He had been in prison 3 times for illegal drug related activities. Like so many others, he never had a chance to heal before.

This time, he is getting the right interventions in the legal realm. Instead of going straight to prison for 7 years, he is healing and going to a 30 day drug rehab program and drug court. The fact that he is healing on the Universe will make him continually move forward and leave the legal realm completely. One day he will be so far away from the legal bubble that it will only be a distant memory for him. 

Universe Family Healing is healing on the Universe. I created a very specialized healing service which is 100% accurate and effective in removing the spiritual worlds around humans. I can help any human on our planet. We do not have to suffer from our childhood traumas any more. 

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