Palace of the Universe


There will be a Palace of the Universe. It is going to happen. As soon as I arrived back in my homeland in January 2016, I starting blogging about the Palace of the Universe. I have inserted those posts below. I am including them as a page because this Palace is going to be built right here in my homeland. I want to make sure it is right here on my front page. No one has ever built a Palace of the Universe. It will be a fun endeavor with many good people involved. I am certain that the time for this construction is approaching quickly and will not be stopped.


Spiritual Energy Is Now in the Desert’s Atmosphere: What Will happen Now?

No one has ever done this before. I am the only one who has successfully broken through the spiritual layers to get here. Now this energy is being forced out onto the desert in Yuma, AZ, USA. What will this phenomenon accomplish in the future? That is what I am experiencing day by day right now…

This energy will make spectacular changes around here. The “snoring” Sonoran Desert will start waking up a bit.. I will document changes here on my blog as I see it with my own eyes…

This is going to happen. There is nothing that will stop this transformation now.. I am successfully living here in my hometown, my home land..

The magnetic aspects of spiritual energy will change the desert climate in dramatic ways. We will be experiencing a micro-climate here in the near future. No one will believe it could happen. But I know it will happen… I am absolutely certain it will happen right here…

Healing the Universe starts right here in this forgotten desert… This place will become a beautiful oasis and will stay that way forever…

The Palace of the Universe is right here waiting to be created. It all starts with the local climate. Wait and watch the change.


Universe Family Healers Rule the Universe Now, There is No Other Power Above Us!

And being in control of the Universe is a very big responsibility but as long as I am careful about what I do, I am always in control… And that was proven to me again today. I crossed a very busy street in Yuma, AZ and felt the energy stream of the automobiles. Apparently there is this invisible negative energy that is keeping the cars going here.. I guess that is what it is.. I have felt it before when I crossed other streets here… It is very strange but real..

It just tells me that cars are very negative machines and are keeping people in negative situations.. The energy tried to make me swoon and faint right in the middle of the intersection but this did not happen.. I was able to over come it and continue to the other side.. It was rather easy really. Now I understand what is happening and it will not bother me anymore.. I guess I am changing the way people travel around here in Yuma.

The other thing I want to say is how very wrong this town grew up.. This place happens to be the sunniest place in the entire world but the use of solar energy is practically non-existent.. I believe this city should be run strictly on solar energy making the cost of utility bills practically nothing. Instead these people are kept hostage by their air conditioning bills in the summer.. It is ridiculous of course!

And can you imagine that a high school mascot here is the Criminals? That is the truth. And for many many years, (over 100) Yuma High School’s mascot has been the Criminals.. So I find that totally stupid and ridiculous too. That is how this hometown of mine grew up…

Someday, I will have my Palace of the Universe right here in Yuma, Arizona, USA and it will be beautiful and created the right way, the good way...All of the trash and junk and criminals will be gone, cast out, and banished forever…

I know this is going to happen!

Julia Angel

Universe Family Healer


Feels Good Enough Now To Say that My Palace of the Universe is Becoming a Reality!

I have always wanted to live in a Palace. Not just any palace though. There are several palaces on this planet, but none so far that are what I wish for.

I create a Palace of the Universe. This is the first time ever for a Palace like this. I am not exactly sure what it will look like but I know it will be beautiful and fun.. And it will be somewhere in Yuma, Arizona. Yuma is the only place a real Palace of the Universe can exist. All of those other palaces are full of bad energies from the ancient times… This new Palace is nothing like that. It is full of positive Universe energy and only Universe Family Healers will live there.

Now, I am stating this here on my blog to make it real. It will happen.. And once it exists in reality then all of the Universe Family Healers will have the right place to live, the only place to live on this planet.

And the Universe continues to smile all the time when I say that.


Purging Spiritual Energy Does Amazing Things!

I was not able to do this activity when I was younger. It has taken me so long to have my real healing abilities under my control. I am still trying to figure out what this all means. Even I have difficulty with this ability sometimes. I should be sitting in some palace somewhere. That’s what I think..

Where else should I be right now?

Who else is doing this?

Is there anyone out there like me?

Why me?

I am here, finally, in my home town, trying to keep going the right way and not get messed up by those old energy set ups. But those spiritual energies are still around me.. And that is why I am making sure that I post right here on my blog what is going on. I am making sure that I evaluate what I am really supposed to be doing right now. I want to make sure I do not get into a weird situation. I want things to move along smoothly in the right direction. And I continue to purge and merge spiritual energies 24/7.

I work outside on the universe. That is where I am supposed to be, and trying very hard to make sure that I stay there and not be pulled into that negative working world again, that was so toxic and evil for me.

I love to sit outside in the sun and feel the pulling of the energy load as it is lifted away and gone forever. Now who else talks about this like I do?

And Yuma, AZ is the sunniest place on this planet and that is why I am here.