Universe Time- The Real Meaning for Universe Family Healers

Universe Family Healers are all living on Universe Time now. This is a new concept in our world. Apparently we have never made it this far in our human existence. The spiritual forces ended life on other planets in other times because Universe Time was never achieved.

Spirits cannot end themselves. Spirits cannot purge themselves. Only real Universe Family Healers can do this! Thank Goodness Universe Family Healers are experiencing Universe Time and living it day by day.

It is a very different lifestyle when you are on Universe Time. Your spiritual life is over. There is no more any repeating in threes of events and situations. Spirits tend to set up events in threes and this was the way of the human world for a very long time. Those times are gone now. Those bad experiences that kept plaguing our family do not repeat anymore. We are free of that spiritual existence now because we have achieved our family’s Universe Time, finally, and are purging out our spiritual world.

So what exactly is Universe Time? It is living each day, one day at a time, and doing only what is exactly necessary for that one day. You know what activity is needed for that day and you do it, then you stop and rest. The resting part means you are done for the day and purge out the remaining spiritual energies. You stop and relax and this allows the remaining spiritual energies to be purged and merged with the Universe’s energy field. You can lay down or sit outside. It does not really matter.

It is not a ritual thing at all. You can purge spiritual energies inside or outside once you are on Universe Time. But, you must stop and not do anything else for that day. It is easy to purge and merge spiritual energies when you are not moving. The more you move about the harder it is to purge spiritual energies. Universe energy connects to your spiritual energies almost instantly when you are still.

You never make any mistakes when you are living on Universe Time. You do not go too far. You have expected limits and easily stay within the boundaries of safety. Again, this is what you personally know for yourself. On Universe Time, only you know what is expected of yourself on any given day. No psychic adviser can tell you what to do. That whole thing with psychics is just a spiritual game, a very bad one too. I purged out that spiritual game years ago.

Universe Time allows us to return safely and gradually to the normal human state. Normal human state means free of spiritual controls and “supports”. This means the spiritual energies around and inside your human body are removed completely. You no longer have a “spiritual side”. Spiritual energies like to think they are supporting humans and even call themselves spiritual beings but all that they are doing is controlling humans’ minds and this is very bad, and always ends up in death for humans.

Spiritual energies are like parasites and can only exist on a human host. Out in the Universe, these negatively charged energies are recycled into their minute parts which helps keep our Universe’s magnetic current in balance. And once these spiritual energies are away from humans, life continues without any problems.

So today, I do not take that long walk to the bank. I stay where I am and relax and let this day go by. And that is because I am really on Universe Time. I know just what I need to do today, March 18, 2016. I do not go anywhere. I stay put and purge powerfully and it continues to make all of my family’s lives safer. I guess I am the one making sure that Universe Time continues uninterrupted. That is the main function right now for me. That is what it seems like anyway.

I hope this helps others understand the real meaning of Universe Time. I had to post about it today. There is no one else saying these things on the internet. I am the first real Universe Family Healer to make it all the way. Someone had to start Universe Time going and I was the one to do it. More families will achieve this status as time goes on and as more purging and merging continues.

Life on planet Earth continues now. Spirits are being forcefully returned to the Universe’s magnetic fields. Spirits are not controlling human’s minds anymore. Humans are in control once again and making the right decisions everywhere on this planet. I continue to monitor the daily news and see progress. I want the death statistics to decrease. I want to see more positive news take over. That is what a Universe Family Healer’s goal is: to preserve life.

Universe Family Healers serve the Universe and as a result our lives are safe.

Julia Angel

Universe Family Healer