I Have Total Control of My Dreams

I have had 3 very interesting dreams lately. I am actively in control of my dreams now. I remember them and how they ended.

Dream #1 was about a car I was driving that was having serious mechanical problems. I parked the vehicle as best I could and walked the mile to home. I told the person at home what happened. I have been without a car now for over 5 years! I walk to my destinations. It is very safe and easy for me.

Dream #2 was about a shopping trip. I left my purse wrapped up on a table in a sheet of some kind and went away to another location. When I returned that table was gone so I asked someone there where it was. She found the table and unwrapped my purse and gave it back to me. People around me were very happy because that table was the 75% off table.

Dream #3 was just last night. I was involved in taking care of some animals. There were kittys there. I fed one and then tried to find more food. But the kitty just left on its own. I am now able to be totally free of all involvements with animals. I live an animal free life. I do not eat any animal products. I do not have any “pets”. I freed the ones I had.  Animals live with other animals now of their own species. That is how it is supposed to be. We must stop eating, hunting, exploiting animals as they are disappearing from our planet.

So as February progresses, I know that these spiritual dreams have no control over me at all. I am controlling the outcomes of dreams now. That ensures that whatever is being  set up during sleep time by spiritual activities does not really happen. This shows how far I have come in my healing.

Spirits have always been in control of our sleeping times. This has changed 180 degrees. Now my dreams end the right way. And soon, in the future, dreams will not exist. Dreams have been occurring as a direct result of spiritual control over humans for the ages. This is how they set up their spiritual worlds. During dreams, our eyes are used in visual games. My eyes continue to purge and I know that soon my vision will be 100% restored.

People who are involved with dream interpretation are solid spiritual entities. Those very negative people will fade away too. Their interaction with dream worlds has kept this setup going. Not now though. All dream activities are purging On the Universe and being taken far away from the humans of planet Earth.

Universe Time allows this purging process to continue on and on. It will be interesting to see how much sleep a human really needs in the future. I suspect that sleep patterns will undergo a lot of changes too.

Universe Family Healing totally removes the nightmares and bad dreams we experience. If you or your child are having these issues, contact me for a healing session. Don’t waste your time going to a psychologist for dream interpretations. They just continue the nightmare cycle.

I am here to eliminate dreams from our planet.