My Resume Needed Updating

As I awoke this Saturday morning, I made my 2 cups of coffee and sat down at my computer. So nice to have a weekend off! I have been getting these job alerts from, so I went ahead and looked at my resume. It was apparent that I needed to update it. It was not current at all. I wanted to be current for other employers who may be looking for me and my job skills. I was a tiny bit stalled in doing this update, but I simply kept going and today was the right day.

Happily I had 2 new job experiences to add to my resume.

I saw that I too need an updated cover letter with current information. I deleted the one that was online. It looked funny there with the old information.

All of a sudden this came to me today. I was not thinking about doing this all week. It happened only this Saturday morning. I knew I had to follow through. I did. I made several copies of it. I put in online. I know it was the right thing to do. I have to keep going. 

Before I went deep into my healing phase, I was always very career minded and had lots of contacts. I had a very straightforward way to get what I wanted and it worked. That changed totally during those early crazy years of purging,  but now my old straightforward ways are coming right back to me. I have all of the skills to continue being a successful health professional and Universe Family Healer at the same time.

I recently posted my resume for Health Educator and included healing as part of my skill set. It was the right thing to do. I am not going to hide who I am naturally. I am going to be who I am.

This world is changing everyday. I am here to observe the positive results of Universe Family Healing. All family members are purging and living safer and more productive lives. Sustainability is a priority for us and the Universe allows us to live a very safe unchallenged existence.

Who knows what will happen next time I post? I never know what is needed to be posted until that day. I hope this helps some people who think that I am not a real person and only blogging fairy tales. I am not trying to be a novelist. I do not read books anymore. But I do like to blog and put down on this website what is on my mind. That is the only writing I do now. Books are not a part of my world. They are obsolete before they are published.

One day, books will no longer exist.  Book burning will become common and accepted. But blogs will continue because they are fresh and new. Blogging instantly changed my life. I will continue to blog regularly because it allows me to keep going and succeed.