My Face is Purging: My Eyes Are Becoming Real

I am experiencing an incredible purging time right now. My eyes are purging! It started on the left eye and now it has moved to the right one. This unique experience has been occurring for 10 days already. I am not sure when it will be done. I am only documenting what is happening since it’s the first time ever.

At the end of each spiritual year I tend to experience some kind of personal body purging. The fact that this time it is my eyes is very exciting. Our eyes tend to be very spiritual without us realizing this. Dreams are fabricated during sleep time because of the spiritual control over our eyes. I know this process is permanently disrupted now. Spirit worlds would control a human’s life through the dreams they produced. That whole thing is definitely ending.

I document things as they happen. No one else can do this I guess. I am making sure this purging process is well documented here on my blog. I will have more to say later. Right now I am living through this face purging. It is challenging but I can do it. It is almost over.