Healing With Our Universe, A Win Win Combination

I am on the winning team. My natural ability is unlike anything else on planet Earth. My direct connection to our Universe’s magnetic current is strong and very powerful these days. I understand so much more than I did years before. Living through everything has allowed me to gain the knowledge and comprehension of what Universe healing is all about. I blog and document the reality of my healing here. I do not advertise or push my abilities on anyone. But I know that there are some people who enjoy this kind of thing. There are people all over our planet in many countries looking for what I do.

I am different. I know this. I now get it. Well, I let it happen these days. I spend a lot of time just resting and purging the spirits away from Earth. No one is paying me to do this of course. I know it is what I am supposed to be doing. I see the changes and results going in the right direction too. I watch and read the news. I see what happens and it is happening the right way. Someday, I will be living in exactly the right place here in my homeland. I am not there yet, but I know it will happen. In the meantime, be assured that I am stable, safe, and comfortable.

Universe Time occurs when the spirit worlds living on human bodies are removed from our planet. This has already begun happening. The removal process is ongoing of course. This will take many years to complete. There is no short cut to getting this done all the way. I know that my Permanent Parasite Purging Program (PPPP) is established and functioning without interruption. Actually, this Program is totally automatic now. No one can stop or reverse what is happening to the spirit worlds. Once started the purging never ceases. That is the truth. It just needed the catalyst to get it going. The catalyst was me.

Now that we have a Universe Time here on planet Earth, we can all start living a real life. We must have our Universe connection established to remove our spirit worlds. A Universe connection from me allows for a complete change in the right direction. I provide a Universe Family Healing session by telephone. This is so very effective. One session is all that is required. Once you are Universe connected, your spirit world quickly ceases to function as it was. This allows you to automatically know the right thing to do. You do not need guidance from me after the session. You will never really need any follow up sessions either. The connection is done one time and is permanent.

Now we have our Universe available to all of us. I am here to help you get your Universe connection. I will always be here. I am Healer of our Universe and always will be.