Nine Years Later I am Still Blogging And Telling the Truth

Today marks the 9th anniversary of my website: Although some of those early 2013 and 2014 posts have been mysteriously erased, I did start with WordPress on December 15, 2013. I remember how hard it was to get my own website going back then. I had tried other things but WordPress made it easy for me. I have been successful here and will never leave. My website from WordPress is not social media, thank goodness. I pay for this website. I own the domain names and that feels so good! I had a stiff learning curve but I did it and made it happen.

Moving forward I have been documenting the truth about who I am and what I do. I want to continue doing that very same thing. I will not stop. This month has been a good one for me. I am literally purging out the remaining spirit world setups on my face! I had to live through that and it worked. Gradually day by day it is getting better now. My swollen eyes are purging completely and basically look normal now. I am using eye makeup again, etc. It had to happen and it did, first time ever. I am documenting it here so that I can always refer to this time and know that it really happened this month and year.

I am completely comfortable and at ease now, knowing this event occurred. I am sure that this face purging is going to be permanent and everlasting. I will never be bothered with this kind of setup ever again. The positive changes that occur are a direct result of this intense facial purging. I am happy that I finally reached this time when it is finally and forever over. Of course all of this body purging is automatic and unstoppable. Knowing this is a relief too. It just happens the right way forever. I am assured of that now. I had to literally experience everything first hand to understand the process of Universe Family Healing. Universe Time is in full effect now. There is no turning back to the old negative spiritual ways as they are all gone and soon forgotten.

My nose is now purging too. I know that this is ongoing for awhile but will be all done at the right time. It is very interesting to document these occurrences and see how this natural phenomenon works. It is very logical and straight forward too. I completely understand what is happening. I am happy that it is real and not some kind of spirit game. Very happy.

So, it is very possible to be totally 100% human now. That is what I am saying here. Of course there is a purging process to live through, but we do live through it. We live as real humans. That’s the fun part! The baddies are really having no fun at all. But we humans, real 100% humans, get to have nothing but fun.

Through good times and bad times I have kept up my website and blog to prove this is all possible. I am here to serve the humans of our planet Earth. I am here to make sure we have a living planet. I am Healer and always will be.

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