Universe Time is Getting Rid of the Baddies

The way it works is like this: all the baddies, the freaks (I mean highly negative spiritual people) get rounded up. They are grouped together and then slowly but surely purged. This is what’s happening on the social media websites. I see it happening right now. I know it is just our Universe getting rid of another group of spirit worlds here on our planet. Social networks are huge spirit worlds! So of course, our Universe gets rid of them. Now I am watching as this happens. It never happened before. My website and WordPress are not social media. Thank goodness. WordPress and my website will remain intact and never be purged.

The nasty negative people are disposed of this way. I have seen it happen many times. In very negative environments, i.e. work or living, I see it happening. It looks like these negatives are winning but no, that is not what’s happening. It’s Universe Time now. This is the process for eliminating them from living places and workplaces. They are grouped up and purged finally and forever. Of course we may have to wait for the right time for this to happen but believe me it does happen! I patiently wait and it happens. I love that.

That’s what I see happening right now. Politics is another huge spirit world. Politics is definitely a spiritual creation here on planet Earth. So, the political realm is going through a major purging process. Politicians rely on having opposing views on everything. This is how spiritual worlds exist. But in reality, there is always only one real solution, the best solution to any problem. This is the Universe way. At some point political parties will cease to exist and there will be only one way to run things, the Universe way. I observe the changes here too. I know that it takes some time for this to all happen. I watch every year and note the changes here on my blog.

Evil is constantly being purged from planet Earth. Evil is a product of spirituality and spirit worlds living on human bodies. Now that I have established a powerful and intact Universe Time, evil is finally being removed, purged into our Universe’s magnetic current and swiftly taken far away from our planet of humans. Evil can only exist when a spiritual world is left intact. Well, that time is done. Spirit worlds are no longer intact and in control. Universe Time is in control and this will last forever.