My Truth is All Around Me

Finally, here is November, the very bad setup month of my past. When I was taken by Chuck and Bette Kaplan back in 1958, I was under their black spiritual blanket, a very negative set of spirit worlds that made me into someone else. I was taken as an infant, too small to do much of anything. These evil people had total control over me and my birth family. I simply had to go with them and live a very unreal life. They did their evil deed in November 1958 so that their spirit world could make me into someone like Bette, who was born on November 11. I was taken on November 9th. Her spirit world quickly developed on me and the rest is history. However, I was never like Bette. She repaired washers and dryers at home while I cooked, sewed, and sang. I was always being me but covered over.

Now I see this as it happened. Now I have become completely aware of who I am and what powers I have. I could never be a daughter of those two criminals. I am completely aware of this and how I was able to come home at exactly the right time too. I am completely annihilating the spirit world of Bette and Chuck Kaplan finally. Now the rest of my family members will understand too. Everyone will be able to see the truth. I am purging this setup off of my face. My eyes are purging quickly. All eyes will see this reality and understand.

Since this setup was put on me in November of 1958, It had to come off in November as well. 64 years later it is purging. I am happy. I go out in the Yuma sunshine and get rid of it. Their crimes will always be seen clearly. Universe Justice took me away from them and brought me back home. Now Universe Justice completes the task as they both die and are forgotten. Chuck died in September 1987, pancreatic cancer. Bette is still alive but won’t be for long.

I am posting this today because I am finally and totally free of the Kaplans. I was stolen from my birth family and this crime is finally being dealt with the right way. Universe Time rights all the wrongs and brings me and my birth family back together at the right time. The Kaplans just fade away. Universe Justice is making this happen for me. Universe Time is in full control of spirit worlds on planet Earth.