I am Not a Nurse, I am Healer

Now that I know the truth about everything, I am still having a dream or two where the spirits put me into a role of a nurse. I am definitely not a nurse and never really fit that role. When I was in college and trying to decide what to major in, my fake mother Elizabeth suggested nursing. That is how I ended up with a 30 year profession of nursing. It never felt right to me at all. I especially did not like working in the hospital. I did not like the tasks I had to do. I was not happy doing the nurse stuff. The nursing profession put additional layers of spirituality on me. That’s all it did. I finally got rid of nursing almost 10 years ago.

I worked for awhile in community health nursing. I was a director of nursing once. I tried it all. Nothing really fit for long. I then ventured into school nursing. That was the worse time of my life. School nursing was not a good choice at all. The school people were very hostile towards me. I developed PTSD due to workplace bullying in the school setting. I finally got an approval on my unemployment application when I had to leave another toxic school work setting here in Yuma. My investigation showed it was not safe for me to work there. My unemployment benefits were finally approved for the right reason. I told the truth and it happened the right way.

My healing abilities are very strong now. I understand now what I do and how it affects the world around me. I am completely safe here. The bad people cannot find me anymore and play out their spirit world games. I am so happy that I can be at home where I was born. Yuma AZ is the right place for me and my family. I am finally realizing alot about me. I am a very unique person. I have these wonderful healing and knowing abilities. I constantly use my abilities to make our planet healthy and alive. I was not able to do this when I lived in California. I was stolen away from my birth family when I was an infant. I lived a totally false existence in California. I realize this now looking back over my previous experiences. I was not being the real me at all.

I am Healer. I know this. I am the one who has the powerful connection to our Universe. It is automattic for me to heal. I am certain that if I had not been taken away, I would still have had my 3 precious sons and the planet would already be in a more positive situation. It has just been delayed a bit. I was taken away and that is a fact. Those evil people who did this to me are all dying. I am sure my real family is healing and we will be back together soon. My real identify is right there in front of me. I will know my real birth name and birthdate too.

A nurse is not a real healer. I am not a nurse. I am a real Healer. I heal with the powers of our Universe. The current flows through me 24/7. I am always healing! I need no special rituals. That is just fake spiritual healing. I am real. I can instantly know what is going on in your life and what happens with a real Universe connection. Contact me to get connected the real Universe way. Start your healing towards a real and everlasting life.