Finally Arizona is in Good Hands

I am so happy that Katie Hobbs, an AZ native, is going to be our next governor. What more can I say? The right thing has happened of course. It is Universe Time after all. I understand that Ms. Hobbs was born in Phoenix. I like that about her. I also like that she is a people person, a helper, with a professional background in social work. I appreciate that in so many ways. I am like that too of course. I just do my thing a little differently. I feel that by me being here back in Yuma, I was able to establish a powerful Universe Time in AZ.

Now I want to go a little bit further and explain why me being here was so important in this election. I found out just now that her Republican opponent, Kari Lake, was born in Rock Island, IL. So what you say? Well I am connecting the dots here. It just so happens that the infamous Kaplans, my fake parents who stole me away from my birth family, came to Yuma, AZ in the 1950s from guess where? Rock Island, IL. So, it was incredibly important that I be here at the right time to make sure this outsider from another part of the country had nothing to do with politics in AZ. Especially someone like her from Rock Island, IL. That whole Rock Island spirit world is destroyed now. Totally demolished.

I hope to share this story one day with Ms. Hobbs, at the right time of course. I just wanted to document this right here on my blog. Universe Time is so important. We will always have Universe Time now. Those people who do not belong here from other parts of the country will just go back where they came from. I say and always did say, go home and make your place better. That is what I have done. It took me many years to do this, but I have done it.