Universe Time Is Being In the Right Place At The Right Time

Are you living in Universe Time? Well I am. I live one day to the next. No long range plans now or ever again. Each day is new and wide open for me. I know what I must do each day. I make sure I get those things done. It feels good because I am in control of my days. I am not mind-controlled by a spirit world living on my human body. I am actively purging out a very large but broken spirit world. It takes awhile to get this all done, but I am succeeding.

Universe Time is available to anyone here on planet Earth. You must have a strong Universe Connection to live in Universe Time. You must be willing to let go of that dangerous and unreal spiritual life. You will experience wonderful changes as your body transforms into a real human state. I doubt if humans have ever been totally real. The spirits were always there attaching themselves to us so they could have an existence. Spirit worlds are gigantic parasites. Now you know.

So who really wants a spirit world controlling them? Well, lots of people don’t seem to mind I guess. That’s fine. However, letting a spirit world control your mind and body makes certain that you die. Intact spirit worlds on humans have caused death to human beings over and over throughout history. Now though, you don’t have to succumb to an untimely death. Now there’s a way to get rid of your spirit world completely and just live. I mean that you will not age and will have no problems ever again. That’s what I mean here.

So when you are completely connected to our Universe, i.e. the magnetic current in outer space, then you are safe and life will be what it’s meant to be for humans. We have supreme intellect. We are at the top. Spirits are dying all the time now because it is Universe Time for many people. I have healed people all over our planet. I am real. Universe Family Healing is happening and getting stronger and more commonplace all of the time. The Dark Ages are finally being purged away!

I am living in the right place for me right now. I know that it is not permanent, but it is the right place right now. I stay here and do not make any moves elsewhere. I know that if I tried it would be unsuccessful, so I patiently wait. I keep busy doing my hobbies. I heal constantly 24/7. That’s my lifestyle right now.

When you go with the flow of our Universe, you stay in control of your life and never make a wrong decision. You just know what to do. You trust your feelings and do what feels good. Yes, your lifestyle changes a lot. That is expected. This transformation means you are Universe connected. Everything is just fine. Change occurs as the spirit world is purged away from you. Now that the spirits are leaving, the real you emerges and takes control. It really is that simple.