Everything is Just Fine Because it’s Universe Time!

Summer officially ends today, I guess. We still have the warm weather here in Yuma for awhile as it slowly fades into October. I see nothing going wrong. Universe Time is wonderful. I am able to relax each day, create beautiful crocheted shawls and afghans, and know that exciting times are coming right up.

My Universe Time keeps getting better every single day. The spirit worlds of our planet are purging very nicely into our geomagnetic currents. This phenomenon is well-established and permanent. Spirits are quickly merging into our atmosphere and whisked away to parts unknown.

I have been documenting my personal Universe Journey for many years. Right now, all I is sweet and simple at the end of summertime. My Universe connection is so strong now. I have nothing going wrong. I have lived through it all to be here right now. I earned what is happening with me. But I am not the only person who can enjoy this kind of safe and peaceful existence.

Healing with our Universe is readily available now. I offer real healing, I mean, a total removal of a human’s spirit world. This removal process is easy for me. I know that as a result of this purging process, a total transformation occurs. It is just your reality really which was all covered up by a negative spirit world. There are so many things you discover about yourself. Transforming into the real you is fun and rewarding.

You begin living on Universe Time. You have a real existence now. Say goodbye to legal medical a d social problems. Say hello to fun. Being your real self is fun, fun, fun. You automatically know what to do and not to do to create a safe and prosperous living. I can go on and on but it’s really a personal experience here. You lead yourself instead of being led around by a dangerous lifestyle created by a spirit world.