Creating and Sustaining a Living Planet

Earth is very old of course. Earth is the planet where humans live and unfortunately die. But that is really changing. Humans can live now. Our Universe provides that for us. Our Universe wants humans to stay alive on planet Earth. A Universe connection allows a human to continue living. See me for that.

Why would we want to go into outer space anyway? There is nothing but blackness. There is no life out there. There is no reason to spend billions of dollars to explore it either. What a huge waste of money and precious resources. Outer space exploration is a S.C.A.M. activity (Spiritually Created About Money.) Instead, money should never be spent on that activity. Universe Time is correcting this problem finally.

Our planet needs to be explored. Our planet needs the money and resources. The right people must be in control to make this all happen. During Universe Time this really does happen. Humans are living only on planet Earth, the planet of humans. There is no other human life anywhere in our Universe except humans living on planet Earth.

The science fiction people are just that, fiction, not real. The NASA people are an extension of the science fiction mess. All of that needs to be erased finally and forever. No more rocket ships or flying objects above our heads. That needs to stop. Aliens? No way. The only space aliens are the spirit worlds living on human bodies. We don’t need space exploration. We do need to do the right things here on our planet where we can live.

This is how I help create a living planet and sustain it that way. A spiritual planet will die eventually. That’s what was happening. I am assuring us all that that is not going to happen now. Our planet is not really dying anymore. Our planet is getting help to remove the spirit invasion. I am the Universe Family Healer who is assisting here because for some reason I have this very powerful and direct Universe connection which cannot be broken. Therefore, I know that everything is just fine now.

So, to advance my assistance even more, I am going to make a blanket and shawl using yarn in the colorway Outer Space. I hope that this will end the focus completely on space talk and space money. Those agencies fueled by space exploration money will be put out of business and never develop again. Our Universe will effectively end all of those things. After that happens, well I am just waiting to see it all. I am observing the changes as we advance our way during Universe Time. It is fun to see the changes and know that all is fine now.

I create a living planet. I watch the changes. I crochet my shawls and blankets and add to my collection.

It’s fun.