The End of Spirituality

Here on my website, I am able to say what needs to be said without any threat of censorship. I had to experience censorship in the past on several internet websites to finally come to WordPress. It has been a learning experience for sure. I had to grow up a lot and learn how to use the block editor here. I did everything and it worked! I have been so very successful in documenting my experiences and progress as Universe Family Healer here with WordPress and on

I wrote about spirituality and how I lived through this time of my life. I wrote how I purged it away as I am not a spiritual healer. I found out that spirituality is just a game that humans play with the spirit worlds living on the human’s body. Most people stay there and do exactly what the spirit world commands them to do. I did not. I could not. I continued to purge out this setup on my body and finally got rid of it.

This spirituality game can only exist in its exact set up formation. If any part of this spirit setup is disrupted, the game is done. Most people cannot disrupt this spiritual game on their body. In fact, most people do not even know it is there at all. This is the hard part, to remove the denial about the spirit world, which is just a human parasite really. Most people live with this denial of their spirit world and eventually die. Spirit worlds living on a human body make a human die. That always happens.

When I was successful in purging out spirituality from my body I became Healer. “When Healer comes through, that’s it we’re done.” I kept hearing this from the spirits, chanting over and over. I must have ended spirituality as I was able to break up this setup and put it off of me. I purged and merged spiritual energy into our geomagnetic field, a very powerful magnetic current that surrounds planet Earth.

I can assist any human who is wanting to remove their spirit world and become free of spirituality. I can do this because I am a very powerful Universe Family Healer now. My healing sessions allow for an immediate Universe connection to occur. This healing session will cause a 100% disruption and removal of the spirit world that has been causing a multitude of problems. Universe Family healing is real healing, not a spirit game as spiritual healers are doing. Spiritual healers are just playing a spirit game of healing. Spiritual healers are not Universe connected. I consider all spiritual healing a sham.

I ended spirituality years ago. I became Healer of our Universe. I won the game of spirituality! Spiritual games and spiritual people have no controls over me anymore. I am in total control of all the spirit worlds on planet Earth. I am the one and only Healer to get this job done. It is totally natural for me. I live real and powerful in my homeland. I am here to help other humans do the same, i.e. remove the spirit world from your body.

Contact me to end the spirituality game that keeps you captive.