Spirituality Cannot Exist During Universe Time

I endured a very spiritual life. I lived it. I changed and emerged from it. I am now who I am. I am Healer. Spirits are not in control of me at all. They used to be though. Not anymore. I am the only human who has ever removed spirit worlds from our planet. Spirits cannot stay on planet Earth anymore.

Spirituality does not exist in its original form. Spirituality will never be here like that again. Universe Time is all that exists now. Universe Time means that all spirit worlds on planet Earth are actively being removed and merged into a highly magnetic current in our atmosphere.

Alright. This means that our planet will live. I am here to make sure that is what happens.

If you are still visiting psychic websites for help, you are just wasting your money. Psychics are very negative people and cannot help you much. They only have a spirit world controlling them and advising them. That is so disgusting. So why would you want a parasite telling you what is going on? Spirit worlds are parasites living on a human body and are totally alien! Stay away from those places and people.

Instead you should be reading my blog. My healing offers a real opportunity to live. You will never need to see doctors or lawyers for anything. All medical and legal problems just go away. These problems are always highly negative and spiritual and easily removed with a Universe Family Healing session.

One family heals at a time and soon there will be a lot of Universe families on the planet. There will still be highly spiritual parts of planet Earth but at the same time, there will be a Universe population growing in large numbers too. We will be victorious.

Universe families will succeed in ending all negative activities on our planet. Universe Time will eventually make us all have a very safe and comfortable life. It all starts with a Universe Family Healing session available right here. Just get in touch with me. I will happily connect you and your family’s spirit world to our geomagnetic field. Say goodbye to spirituality forever.

Julia Angel, Universe Family Healer