My Observations: Notes About August Healer Style

I see me doing things for my family again. I am crocheting their afghans.

I see the weather change. These are the lowest August temps in 6 years.

I see me living my real life. I am doing exactly what I was meant to do, purging the rest of the spirit world in the comfort and safety of my home. The new owners now require background checks on potential renters. A major improvement here!

I got rid of all the S.C.A.M. activities I was living through recently. Now, I only do things with my family in mind. I only take care of my 2 kittys, not the cat colony living outside. I do not get involved with other people’s problems here. I stay away from the negative people who are all in their early healing time. I enjoy myself because I am in total control of my finances once again.

Universe Family Healing is actively providing a very good stable and safe life for me as my family continues to heal toward a reunion. I have no problems at all. This August, I am seeing cooler temperatures for the first time since I returned to Yuma in 2016. Perhaps I had something to do with this? Well, I have been actively 24/7 purging spiritual energy into the Yuma atmosphere for several years now. Maybe this phenomenon has helped change Yuma’s summer weather.

I will continue to document my observations about climate change right here on my website. After all, this spiritual energy purging has never been done before. Therefore I will continue writing what I see happening. There really is a significant change in the August weather happening. Perhaps this purging is just returning the weather pattern to normal. The reason this could and most likely be happening is the spiritual energy purging directly into our geomagnetic field. I am just saying this out loud because the reason for this weather change needs to be understood openly. Perhaps this is just how the real world was supposed to be.

I love summertime. I am part of the weather change going on in the right direction. Our planet will not be suffering any longer as spiritual energy is being purged right back where it’s supposed to be. These are my observations about what is going on right now during Universe Time. You can only read about these changes here on my website.

Universe Time and Universe Family Healing are directly responsible for improving the lives of humans on planet Earth. Contact me to set up your Universe Family Healing session. Universe connections are only achieved via a 1 on 1 healing session with me.

Simply reading my blog posts will not get you a Universe connection. But reading my posts will allow you to understand what is really going on right now on our planet.