I Purge Spirit Worlds

I am a very different and unique kind of Healer. There is nothing more important than getting rid of the spirits. I am doing this activity 24/7. So, no matter how hot it is or how bored I feel, I know that as I multi-task through my days, I am doing the most important thing that a human can do. I purge spirit worlds into our Universe’s magnetic currents.

So what, no big deal. Well, it is a very big deal and I am the one person who can do this easily. For some reason I have this natural ability. I have no idea why, but I do know that it works beautifully and can’t be stopped! Now, finally and forever, spirits are not controlling how our planet exists. Our Universe is controlling all of the spirit worlds and actively removing them from Earth. Thank Goodness!

Purging spirit worlds allows only real and safe things to happen. Humans have never had an opportunity to live a real life. Humans have always been under spiritual control without even realizing it. Somehow, I was able to survive a highly negative spiritual life and completely heal back to my real self. I never knew I had this ability. It was always there but was extremely suppressed. 

My professional life as a clinical nurse specialist was not very rewarding. I was always suppressed when I was a nurse. I am not suppressed anymore as I left nursing many years ago. I could not continue being a nurse. The things I know and do are way beyond nursing practice standards. I could not be the real me and be a nurse.

I can provide excellent healing services and that’s only what I do now. I have a professional nursing background and degrees but again, those things did not give me my powerful healing abilities. There is no teaching or classes that can make a person able to do what I do. Therefore, I am a real natural born Universe Family Healer. I am not a spiritual healer playing games. This Universe energy flows through my human body all the time. There are no rituals or steps to my healing. I am able to pull a spirit world off a human body just by talking to you, either in person or on the phone. I am very powerful now.

I purge spirit worlds, locally and globally. I am a Universe Family Healer because I heal human families and animals everyday using our Universe’s powerful magetic currrent. I am permanently connected after so many years of moving forward steadily.

If you are really serious about healing and want to get connected too, I am the person to do this for you.