Sweet Summer Coming Up In Yuma AZ, On The Universe!

Summer has always been my favorite time of the year. For one, I believe that July is my real birth month. Growing up, I spent my summers on the Southern CA beaches (Huntington and Newport) mainly. Now, I live back home in Yuma where summer is almost year around. Yuma is located in the Sonoran Desert. It is not well known that our desert here in Arizona is very special. Read on to learn about our Sonoran Desert.

“It is a subtropical desert and the most complex desert in North America. It has great diversity in geological structures as well as the number and variety of plants and animals. One reason for the many plants and animals in the Sonoran Desert is that it receives rainfall bi-seasonally

Located at: https://www.nps.gov/cagr/learn/kidsyouth/the-sonoran-desert.htm

Monsoon season is here. No one would think that we have a monsoon season in the US but we do. Monsoon is supposed to be only in Southeast Asia, but we have it here too in the USA. Monsoon time is a fun time here in Arizona. We receive lots of rain and tropical weather here. Now you know that we are not just a barren dead place. Life exists here and food is grown in large quantities. My homeland is a living place. I love it here.

Most people think they cannot exist here because they feel it is too hot for them. Well, they could exist here. It just takes a little time to adjust to the temperatures. It is one of the most healthiest places to live on our planet. But it still remains mostly a secret. Most people just think of my homeland as a desert wasteland. Actually, a lot of this desert was once under water. That’s why the desert is composed largely of sandy soil. Now the waters are slowly returning to how it once was, before the spiritual invasion.

In the past, spiritual setups on our planet allowed for the changes that existed for a very long time. Now that time is officially over because I have been able to survive long enough to be stable and safe in my homeland. I am able to completely purge out the spirit worlds on our planet. Now planet Earth is a living planet once again. Spiritual worlds always die because spirit worlds living on human bodies control humans to do the wrong things. Now I control the spirit worlds. I am the one Healer constantly purging the spirit worlds off of our planet 24/7.

I love summertime. Here in Yuma summer has already been here for sometime. I will never have to live without a summer. All of the summers I have enjoyed. I know that my homeland is a very good place for humans to heal all of the way. Many people come to Yuma for healing. They may not know that at first, but that is what happens. My homeland is the best place on our planet for healing away spirit worlds. Contact me to schedule your healing session. I do this by phone only which brings the power of my homeland to you, wherever you may be.

universefamilyhealing@gmail.com or