Our Spiritual Earth is Done

My powerful healing is changing our planet. I live in Yuma, AZ, USA but my healing is so powerful that our entire planet is being purged of spiritual energy. My healing goes anywhere on the planet.

The right changes are happening now. This will not stop. Once this spiritual web is Universe connected it cannot fight back and retreat. It actually merges with our Universe’s magnetic current. It blends right in and is gone forever.

Now, finally and forever, only the right people will be in charge making the right decisions. Spiritual people who had all the control are losing their ability to control anything. It keeps going in that direction until these people fall down and die.

These highly negative people cannot survive without their spiritual energy. These people who are highly negative are at risk of experiencing so many problems right now. There is nothing going their way. All the spiritual setups that allowed them to have control are purging and broken. Thank goodness for that. Our Universe gets rid of these people quietly and completely.

When these negative people become Universe connected, they do not heal very good. There is nothing good there to heal to really. Instead of uncovering a real human these negatives are decaying from the inside and succumb to one or more spiritually induced diseases.

This happens over and over and will never stop. I see this happening right here in front of me where I live. I see this happening globally too. Our planet is  safe now. There is nothing to fear as this is all that happens during Universe Time.

The dark ages are finally purging the real way. The rituals of the spirits are no longer cherished and admired. We are seeing everything now with our real eyes. Rules set up by the forefathers are being questioned and updated. The spiritual layering is leaving. Humans are making the correct decisions based on reality, not spiritual fantasy. 

Spiritual Earth is fading away into our Universe. It is Universe Time and this will never stop. Our Universe continues to pull away all spiritual energy from Earth. This will allow our planet to completely heal and stay young and alive. Our Universe is using the spirits to strengthen itself too. All this happens automatically because it is the way life is supposed to be: Free of spiritual control.