I Am Creating A Living Planet

DId you know our beautiful planet Earth was dying? Our history over the ages was always wrong about so many things. Wrong decisions, wrong ways of doing things, wrong wrong wrong. Our human race was controlled by a spiritual invasion. Most people do not know this or ever think about it. They are so busy getting through their days. Tight schedules and unrealistic expectations made our planet very negative.

The spirit worlds around every human body were always interacting globally controlling us without our knowledge or permission. This went on and on for a very long time of course. We do not see it being discussed anywhere do we? Of course not because the spirit worlds even controlled the scientists and newspapers.

Something had to be done about this downward spiral. Somehow a new and promising event happened when I was born. I was so tiny and young but I still was totally connected to our Universe! I am referring to the magnetic current in our atmosphere. Now this is common knowledge, our geomagnetic current, but not so common is that this current is very useful in getting rid of spiritual energy. I was born with this connection.

I was always supposed to be here in my homeland. I was instead stolen away to California, USA and raised by false parents and siblings. I never knew this for so long. I accepted all of this but gradually I found my way to reality. I became a mother. I gave birth to 3 sons. I felt the difference. I knew I was in the wrong place with the wrong people. Somehow as time went on I was able to finally get back home. It felt so good.

Six years later I am with my birth siblings! But alas, they are not healed all the way. They are connected now but still have much healing to do on their own. I know this. I do what I need to do to help but I am instantly brought back to my work as Healer. I am here to purge spirit worlds off of planet Earth. I am never stopping this and will always be here. I am creating a living planet free of spirituality.

So, the right decisions are all that happen. No matter what and where on our planet, the right decisions are made to ensure life continues. I work globally on planet Earth and universally. I also help people I am with everyday. But most of all I am making sure that my birth family, my real family heals all of the way. I am doing this right now and of course everything is just fine.

I feel the pulling as I am urged to move forward again. I am not quite sure where I will be going but I know that everyone in my family is doing well. I had to make sure of this before anything else takes place. I am hoping that as I move forward to my core, i.e. my birth parents, I will be able to do whatever is necessary to help them too.

One day, I will reunite with my man. I am so looking forward to seeing my Universe Mate again all healed and ready to move forward with me. But first I had to make sure our planet was moving in the right direction. Planet Earth is moving forward the Universe way, thank goodness.